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  1. Lovely pic, that’s what they were made for 👍
  2. It’s great fun, especially with black powder, here’s a pic of my single Tolley 👍
  3. Well done, good cases them Remington, same as I use, how much you stuffing in them? I use 2 1/4 ozs ITM and 4 1/2 drams of black
  4. At the moment, I have a good stock of Itm, but would use bismuth, don’t think I’ll be taking it clay shooting anytime soon though 😀 happy Christmas everyone
  5. He actually loves it😀,last time I took it out, he was back with a mallard I shot before the smoke cleared 💥
  6. Yes, good stuff, it’s an old pic, that my mate took of me, thinking of going out Boxing Day with the old girl, you still got your cannon?
  7. 👍you’ll love it, nothing like the Boom flash and smoke 💨 Good luck, the old boys will be keeping you company When you take the old girl out
  8. It’s the marsh, black powder make a bit of a flash 😀
  9. Hi everyone, looking for kicks high flyer modified, to fit Franchi Affinity. wayne
  10. stalker58

    20 gauge optima

    Looking for a Beretta optima 1/4 or 3/8th flush fit. cheers wayne
  11. This is my boy Jack, As big as a lab, brave in any water and a nose the drug squad would be proud of, he’s 30kgs and square like they were 30 years ago,and you are right, they are not about like they used to be
  12. Thanks for all the replies
  13. Thanks for the replies, I was washing his feet in salt water then changed to hib scrub, think I will try cider vinegar and trim his feet
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