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  1. Hi all..has anyone used this facility?..and how much do they charge! wayne
  2. I see they have them, but nowhere near me,same here when I was shooting about 1000 a month, them and Winchester trap 100 and 200 AA Great cartridges, that’s all I used for clays and pigeon shooting
  3. Anyone know if these are still available! Wayne
  4. stalker58


    I don’t really know whether it had been altered or not, so both of you maybe right, that’s how it came to me, best I ever shot was with that gun,still kicking myself for selling it, I’ve had a look at a 682 Gold E Trap, looks very similar thanks for all the replies wayne
  5. stalker58


    Mine was like this, as you say with a Monte Carlo stock, but no step rib, about 1983 I had it I think
  6. stalker58


    Thanks, looks good, but looking for a flat rib.
  7. stalker58


    Does anyone have one of these they fancy selling, I shot one through biggest part of the 80s, DTL..BT..DR and occasionally Olympic Trench, loved the gun, don’t know why I sold it, all these years later I have an anchoring for another. Wayne
  8. Thanks for reply, Wrong hat, the one I want has a draw chin pull
  9. Looking for said hat, lost mine and bloody gutted, had it for years, will pay good money for one
  10. Thanks for all the replies, this was my pup out of him
  11. Did anyone on this forum buy a pup out of this dog?..my dad bought me my first Springer back in 1972..anyone know where this kennel name originated! Wayne
  12. I’d have hoped when he rinsed his nose out he would have sorted anything like that
  13. Hi all, have a problem with my ESS blocked nasel passage, been about 3 weeks, took him to the vets washed out his nose under GE,plus tear duct, Antibiotics and steroids, £300 lighter in my pocket, and he’s just the same!.Vet said he may have to refer him to have the back of his nose Scoped, it’s the one side of his nose, I forgot to say.. any suggestions please Wayne
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