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  1. Sorry to hear, but it happens, fingers crossed she’ll be okay 👍
  2. I was fed up of having loose cartridges in my pocket, and didn’t want a 25 cartridge belt because I hate the weight, so a friend of mine who makes some beautiful leather items for fishing and shooting. Made me a cartridge wallet for my 8 Bore, and I am really pleased with the result.
  3. And me with my boy, one of my old pics on the marsh
  4. Lovely pic, that’s what they were made for 👍
  5. It’s great fun, especially with black powder, here’s a pic of my single Tolley 👍
  6. Well done, good cases them Remington, same as I use, how much you stuffing in them? I use 2 1/4 ozs ITM and 4 1/2 drams of black
  7. At the moment, I have a good stock of Itm, but would use bismuth, don’t think I’ll be taking it clay shooting anytime soon though 😀 happy Christmas everyone
  8. He actually loves it😀,last time I took it out, he was back with a mallard I shot before the smoke cleared 💥
  9. Yes, good stuff, it’s an old pic, that my mate took of me, thinking of going out Boxing Day with the old girl, you still got your cannon?
  10. 👍you’ll love it, nothing like the Boom flash and smoke 💨 Good luck, the old boys will be keeping you company When you take the old girl out
  11. It’s the marsh, black powder make a bit of a flash 😀
  12. Hi everyone, looking for kicks high flyer modified, to fit Franchi Affinity. wayne
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