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  1. i agree i have a bsa meteor super (vented but pad ) a hw25l and a hatsan mod 55s all in 177 but the meteor is a much smoother shot but great for plinking as its around 9-10 ft;lb ,have you any pics and a price mate i may be intrested
  2. hi have you advertised it in the sale section on here take some really good pics , there is also gunstar uk , but sometimes its all in the pics
  3. thanks for the replies and advice finding out about beating sounds intresting and a possible new route to look at thanks
  4. after asking at five or so farms for permission for pest control and getting no result im thinking of getting some buissnes cards made so i can leave them with the farmer/landowner for future reference any ideas for where to get them from , good designs ,or any examples would be much appreciated
  5. only see one pic and the colours are like sky blue and tan/beige
  6. it was ok mate thanks only been the once as abit busy but deffo going again i agree about the indoor range could do with an extra 15 yrds i think but wasnt allowed out on the knock downs until hes sure that im a safe shooter which i dont mind i think thats a good policy to have atb and safe shooting ........
  7. sorry i should of stated that bit i do have a bsa meteor .177 that ive had for fifteen years and can shoot pellet on pellet at 25yrds but it is to weak for hunting(so i was told)so ive brought a edger brothers hatsan mod 55s .177 full power for a spot of rabbiting but i just couldnt seem to get a deffinate grouping at 30 yrds not to bad now ive re adjusted the scope to my own eyes and as told practice practice practice thanks for the reply anyway its much apprieciated......
  8. thanks for that advise bud and i should have stated i havent shot at any quarry yet as i knew somthing wasnt right as stated the best shot is a safe shot i will deffinatly give the scope adjustment ago and im going to the rifle range tomorrow night so will be in a controlled enviroment to sort this out but im not into shooting quarry just for the sake of it as it wouldnt acheive anything i would feel a great amount of pride knowing that were i place the pellet it will land as i know there is skill to shooting springers
  9. thanks for the advice peeps i am going to a gun clob at huthwaite on tuesday but in the meen time i have found that my zero at 30yrds isnt dead centre its a full mil dot down so when i go to the range i will re zero the scope to my eyes ive nearly finished 1000 pellets since buying the rifle so i hope it will be bedded in now so i get some even groups thanks again for the advice as this forum is a wealth of knowledge............
  10. thanks guys i will finish off the last of these pellets and then try some others and see what happens
  11. .177 rws super dome pellets i was told these are good quality pellets
  12. i'd say 1" at 30 yrds for a deffinate group but at the minute i'd be lucky to get 2" its as if for 3 shots on target you get four off target but the im only on my second tin off 500 pellets the gun is only 3 month old could thi all be down to breaking the gun in or does that not matter im just trying to make sure that when i shoot somthing its dead and not suffering BEST SHOT IS A SAFE SHOT ,
  13. i now have a permission and there are a few rabbits pheasants woodies etc, i brought a scope for my springer from drapers its a ags cobalt 3x9x40 they fitted it and zero'd for thirty yrds problem is i cant get a deffinate grouping its like the zero is off the guy at drapers wears glasses will that make a difference for some one that dont or is it just a case of practice practice practice PLZ HELP ALL INFO WELCOME
  14. cheers buddy going down on sunday do a little investigating the owner tells me there are rabbits,some veyr big hares ,rats,and while i was there i also saw woodies,collard doves and maggies i will post how things are going and if all is well and they get to know me abit better i may chuck you an invite for all the advice youve given atb and regards clint...
  15. not been on for a while been really busy but i thought i would just take abit of time to thank everyone for all the advise and info that was given about gaining permissionse i have finally got my first permisssion on a local stables that have about 9 paddocks and a cross country course for horses all in probabley 40 acres in total ....i approached the owner casual smart clothes clean shaven and polite explained how id been asking all the local farms and was refused by them and the owner explained she was worried the noise of the shotguns may scare the horses when i said i use an air rifle she
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