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  1. InTheSticks

    Air Arms S410 10 Shot Mags x 2 New in box

    Sorry, missed that out ! they are .177
  2. 2 mags still in the box, never got use them as changing gun £50 posted for both
  3. InTheSticks

    blaser f3

    this mate is me, long story short; lacquer has come off one side of stock and wood grain is raised/rippled, 2 cracks have appeared near top lever, lacquer finish was never that good IMO, gun is now with Blaser, needless to say I wish I hadn't bought into hyped up German engineering - the transfers are a known issue with both F3 & F16 - vorsprung kaput, should have stayed with Beretta . . . . . the better of the 2 evils.
  4. InTheSticks

    Beretta Extended Skeet Choke

    Not seen much use £25 posted
  5. Well pleased with the gun, thanks again Lee
  6. Will give you a call, am v.interested
  7. InTheSticks

    Brattonsound Cabinets

    what condition are these in ?
  8. InTheSticks

    Beretta DT10

    I am looking for a MINT or NR MINT DT10, 30" barrels, RH Stock, Multi & Multi, prefer sporting but will look at anything - price is not an issue as long as the gun is worth what you are asking. Needs to be complete, cased etc as when purchased. I am not interested in scratched or dented stock abused rubbish. 07402 463396
  9. Got a couple of small scuffs on, used on 3 outings only, cost me £95, looking for £55 posted or collect from Lancs / Burnley
  10. InTheSticks

    Benelli Supersport 12 gauge

    Interested in this - sent you pm
  11. InTheSticks

    Upgrade 682 to 692 ?

    i am getting the impression that albeit the later 692s maybe ok the majority arent, thanks for the info guys
  12. InTheSticks

    Upgrade 682 to 692 ?

    thanks, how would I know if I am buying a bad or a good one ?
  13. InTheSticks

    Upgrade 682 to 692 ?

    I have heard some bad press about the 692 on build issues, I have been offered a deal px my 682 Gold E for a 692 . . . Should I or avoid it ? thanks
  14. InTheSticks

    Franchi falconet s 12 gauge

    hi - i'd be interested in just the gun if you happy to split
  15. InTheSticks

    BSA Airsporter .177

    now sold, thanks