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  1. Both unused, sat gathering dust, Caldwell Matrix is boxed, can't find the box for the Buffalo River stand, £45 posted each
  2. Panic over got your pm, easy done - thanks btw and stock is in mint nick 👌
  3. I hadn't noticed in the picture but now I can't see the front swivel stud, it's missing - has it ripped out or have you removed it ? I need it sending bud
  4. Unused, change of plan now means I don't need it, purchased for £160 no longer than 4 weeks ago, this is the variable adjustable one. £125 posted
  5. the stock is that posted @ 85 ?
  6. sometimes an intense narrow beam although further brings problems that you don't see with a more wider diffused light
  7. Been told I would see little or no difference on a 455 in using a dragonfly as opposed to the srx .. . .
  8. I may do but strangely it's a claim that just about every manufacturer makes.
  9. I have tried to use an SRX with the 455 and no matter where it is sited I cannot get anything remotely acceptable. Tried every option, lens cover up/down, sumlight on/off, external laser up down left right fore aft and every combination of the above. I end up with either total whiteout/huge white football or get only a part field of view - bit like looking through a distorted keyhole rotated 90 degrees. The sumlight option with it's advantage of even extra sensitivity brings with it an extra grainy image so be mindful when using it if recording, also easy to miss it being on or off. It is clear the effects a more sensitive cmos has ie doesn't need as much night light however the big downside is you are restricted to using external lasers at the lowest power else you risk the forementioned symptons. Speaking from results from my unit and having had a pard 008 I would prefer to use the pard up to 150 yds rather than the 455. The downside for me on the 455; as above the on/off button is both fiddly, doesn't always switch of (happens this on other units not just mine) and in the dark is tricky to locate. The focus control is super awkward being more like a tap than a watch winder and I don't find the focus control smooth or too precise. The unit operates remarkably well in low light light/dusk conditions but that is I think the offset of having a sensitive cmos - personally I would rather have a less sensitive cmos and have more options with external lasers to tweak the illumination to exactly what I want. The picatinny mount on the side is about a small as it could be without being unusable, my ring mount is 30mm wide so when attached it impinges on the abilitiy to screw the dust cap over the electronics for the included ir - not ideal, bear in mind you need a mount that is around 21mm to enable the dust cap to be fitted, a must as you wouldnt want moisture or dust getting in there. The internal battery without the included ir lasts no more than 3 hours with just viewing, bear in mind if you start recording/using wifi etc it will be less - spare batteries aint cheap. On a scope this price the inbuilt range finding is far too over complex and time consuming, by the time you get to the menu with it on, messed about altering the lines to range the quarry in chances are it's either moved or cleared off - would rather see a fox image than a 'boar' so again a bit of a guestimate is needed to adjust if you are out foxing. The quick menu option once activated doesn't stay on too long so you need to be quick and know exactly the order of buttons to press else you will change something you didn't intend to. The rail mount included is very robust and solid and generally the scope looks to be of good build quality, not sure if the unit is ideal for me - the biggest downside is the cmos sensitivity. The images below: 1. Badgers, approx 140/150 yds with ian sirrell ir on lowest, lens cap up 2. Pylon, ranged at 161 yds in light prior to filming, ian sirrell on lowest, lens cap up - tree line about 200yds 3. Arches, approx 160 yds, sirius srx on low, lens cap up - you can faintly see the arches in the distance, clearly this is not useable.
  10. Unwanted upgrade, space grey - can be unlocked for less than £5 - currently locked to Vodafone - still sealed £400 collected or you add £12 for special delivery, located nr Burnley
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