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  1. InTheSticks

    Guerini, Caesar Summit Ascent 12 gauge

    ah thanks, very useful to know 👌
  2. InTheSticks

    Guerini, Caesar Summit Ascent 12 gauge

    I am not interested in this gun just curious how checkering damaged like that is put right and for a mere £20?
  3. InTheSticks

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Shouldn't even be a debate, crime against the country and sheer ordacity of it ... goood riddance
  4. InTheSticks

    Beretta 692 30 inch sporter 12 gauge

    Ah no bother 👍
  5. InTheSticks

    Beretta 692 30 inch sporter 12 gauge

    I did ask you the age, you never came back . . ..
  6. InTheSticks

    Tops Bushcrafter Kukuri 7.0 New

    As shown, brand new unused, located Burnley area , will also be advertising a TOPS MT21 Knife also new from my collection This cost me 225 looking for 175
  7. InTheSticks

    Wiley X Rogue Glasses - New

    Wiley X Glasses brand new with 3 lenses, dark, clear and amber, also has the hard case for them (has some very slight contact marks on the hard case through being in a drawer - just being honest) - cost me well over £100 £75
  8. InTheSticks

    Harris Ultralight Bipod Series S LM

    Now sold, sorry PPP good luck finding one
  9. InTheSticks

    Harris Ultralight Bipod Series S LM

    Hardly used, cost £120, £55 posted or £50 collected Really nice bipod, only selling due to change of rifle Manufacturer Spec: Ultralight and lightning quick. The bipod attaches to the sling swivel by a screw-up clamp. Manufactured from heat treated and hardened alloys. Series S bipods rotate to either side for instant levelling on uneven ground. The LM legs are notched with seven different positive lock height positions. The legs eject by spring action for adjustment between 9-13 inches. Compact and light - ideal for prone position and bench rest. Weight: 14oz
  10. InTheSticks

    Caesar Guerine

    It would seem everyone I have spoke with who works at Kelbrook hasn't one pleasant comment to make about them, not so much S/H ones but new ones also, I am beginning to think it's in their T&Cs of job requirements & skills . . . ..
  11. InTheSticks


    If you can provide warranty details (not sure if warranty is transferable on Blaser - heard mixed messages on this) if you got it new - then go back there, same happened to me - it is a common fault Blaser know about but dodge it very wel l- you will get a fresh set of transfers or alternatively a close guarded secret is Mulliners will enamel it in a colour of your choice under warranty for free, once done that is irreversible. Myself if they come off, sorry when they do fall off I will leave them off till I get rid, which could be very soon as my first stock cracked, lacquer came off and the new stock is now doing the same along with 6 misfires in 150 shells (could be the cheddites who knows) - nice enginerring let down by rubbish woodwork, vorsprung kaput
  12. InTheSticks

    Air Arms S410 10 Shot Mags x 2 New in box

    Sorry, missed that out ! they are .177
  13. 2 mags still in the box, never got use them as changing gun £50 posted for both
  14. InTheSticks

    blaser f3

    this mate is me, long story short; lacquer has come off one side of stock and wood grain is raised/rippled, 2 cracks have appeared near top lever, lacquer finish was never that good IMO, gun is now with Blaser, needless to say I wish I hadn't bought into hyped up German engineering - the transfers are a known issue with both F3 & F16 - vorsprung kaput, should have stayed with Beretta . . . . . the better of the 2 evils.
  15. InTheSticks

    Beretta Extended Skeet Choke

    Not seen much use £25 posted