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  1. Hi Chaps, Does anyone have a call bird in the Surrey area? Many thanks
  2. Hi Chaps, Does anyone have a call bird in the Surrey area? Many thanks
  3. So whats everyone's preference this time of the year? I have shot a few foxes in the last couple of days with the fox cub distress call on the fox pro. The first (dog fox) sat in the long grass watching. And another, that I didn't get a shot at but came running into the call from the wood and out into the field, reached the call and then turned around and went back to the wood. My guess vixen?
  4. Great, is it suppose to be just hanging there or is it suppose to be plugged into something?
  5. It's attached to this piece of metal on the left:
  6. Hi Gents, Slight issue today. I'm in the process of replacing all 4 tyres and when taking off one of the back ones I noticed this cable hanging down. I'm not sure if this happened while I jacked up the quad or the last time I used it. Can anyone please tell me what this is / what it is for. And how easy it is to fix. There seems to be some kind of liquid on the end of it, oil perhaps? Really appreciate your thoughts as need to get this up and running ASAP. Please see photos below. Cheers
  7. Drained the carb, problem solved! Thanks for everyones help, much appreciated.
  8. Had a look at the bike last night, no grass or material in filters. Going to look at the spark plug this evening. Shall keep you advised!
  9. Thanks guys, i'll have a look at it tonight
  10. Hi Guys, I have a Honda Fourtrax 250 Recon. I went out last night through some very tall thick grass, the quad did struggle in 3rd gear then died. I started her up first time, however shortly afterwards the quad started coughing when I rev. If I stay at a low speed there is no coughing or spluttering, however in the high revs the bikes really struggling. Has anyone experienced this or might know what has happened. I put the biker in the garage and I wont be using it until later tonight. Thanks, appreciate your suggestions. Chris
  11. Sat out tonight in a high seat with the .243 using 100grain soft points. Zeros at 100 yards. Fox appeared 15 - 20 yards to my left in under a tree with small leaved branches before it. Put the cross hairs middle body behind the shoulder. Do you think small branches or the 100yard zero could be enough of a factor to miss? Probably just looking for an excuse as dont want to own up to the faced that I probably did just missed! Cheers chaps
  12. Hi Chaps, I'm being taken roe doe stalking for the first time next week. As you cant exactly take home antlers. Is there any physical aspect of a doe anyone keeps longterm? A mounted head or hide? Any comments are much appreciated, Regards
  13. Thank you for everyones responses! Really appreciate all your comments. I have found a dealer in London who supplies them, so will pop in at lunch tomorrow! Thanks Again!
  14. Hi Guys, I'm going roe stalking for the first time on Wednesday. I used nearly all of my 20 rounds zeroing in the rifle. I now have 2 bullets left. Would you say 100% buy some more, or will 2 be enough. Gun dealers away on holiday and cant find anyone who sells the .243 Fiocchi soft point 100 grain bullets I need. As dont have time to re-zero with another brand. Best Regards Chris
  15. Looking for a secondhand .243 mod under £100. If anyone is one in good condition please pm me Cheers chaps
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