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  1. bump with a thank you everyone so far!
  2. Brilliant. Pm me your address so I can send an envelope?
  3. Seeing as theres another thread with the same request. I'm also after some brass for a display board. If anyone has any spare I would be very grateful. I will pay for any postage or re-emburse. The Calibres/cartridges I already have are:- Rifle .22lr .17hmr .22wmr .22hornet .17fireball .6mm ppc .22 br 7.62x39 .222rem .223rem .204ruger .22-250ackley .22-250rem .243ackley .243win .308win .375win 6.5x55 .30-284 .257Roberts .303British .30-06 .25-06 .7x64 .270win .338lapua magnum .50bmg Pistol 9mmx19 parabellum .45cap .38special .357magnum .44magnum .45colt .50ae If anyone could spare anything that isn't on the list that would be great!
  4. how rude of me! i've been a memeber of this forum for some while now and recently looked at my profile and realised i had not introduced myself. my name is mike i live on anglesey in north wales. i've been shooting for a few years now. i mainly shoot rifles and occasionally have shot with the shotgun. i mainly shoot rabbits and fox and occasionaly go deer stalking.
  5. collected gun yesterday. gun as described. shoots very well. pleasure to deal with. diolch yn fawr
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