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  1. Chalk Farm Clay Ground Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2016 100 Bird Sporting (10am-2pm last entries) Prizes High Gun £100 2nd £75 3rd £50 Cartridge Class 1st 500 cartridges 2nd 250 cartridges 3rd 150 cartridges 4th 100 cartridges 5th 50 cartridges Veteran (over 60) 1st £60 2nd £40 3rd £20 Ladies 1st £20 (more prizes to be added if entries are over 6) Juniors (under 18) 1st £40 vouchers 2nd £20 vouchers 3rd £10 vouches Entry is £30 with first card to count. Junior entry is £10 located on the A47 between Swaffham and Narborough in Norfolk
  2. 30th May, Bank Holiday Monday 10am-2pm (last entries) 100 bird open shoot lots of prizes, cash and cartridges £100 HG guaranteed. Only £30 entry
  3. Easter Saturday 26th March 2016 (10am-5pm) 50 bird sporting (£15 entry) Cash Class Cartridge Class Ladies Juniors Veterans pool shoot New clubhouse now open with extensive menu located on the A47 between Swaffham and Narborough
  4. Chalk Farm Clay Ground has been refused permission to use our floodlights in MARCH this year for our Tuesday evening shoots. The council decided this based on birds, insects, and bats potentially being disturbed by our floodlights in March and April. We have, therefore, decided for the 5 Tuesdays in March we will open from 10am-4pm (last entries) for a 50 bird sporting as well as skeet and DTL. We may decide to extend it into April but plan on appealing Breckland Councils decision as soon as we can. FEBRUARY hours on a Tuesday remain 2pm-9pm for compak sporting, skeet, and DTL. Details an
  5. Norfolk National Gamekeepers Organisation Annual Silver Partridge 50 bird sporting Saturday 12th July 10am-3pm Chalk Farm Clay Ground OPEN TO ALL Silver Partridge to high gun gamekeeper member Other Trophies available Prizes money based on entry Overall high gun, novice, ladies, and junior classes Burger van on site all day Please see website for location. www.chalkfarmclayground.co.uk
  6. Chalk Farm Clay Ground is hosting a charity shoot on Friday the 18th July from 1pm until 8pm in memory of Ross Chilvers. Proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. The competition will be a combined 50 bird sporting and a round of DTL. High gun gets a beautiful engraved trophey to hold for 11 months. Other trophies for 2nd and 3rd. There will also be a novice category for unregistered shooters plus a ladies, and juniors. There will be prizes to go along with the trophies (please note no cash prizes as the organisers wanted as many of the proceeds as possible to go to the charity).
  7. Now shooting summertime hours at Chalk Farm Clay Ground. Open Tuesday afternoons from 2pm until dusk for 50 bird sporting, skeet, and down the line. Evening floodlit shoots are finished and will resume in September . Also open one day each weekend. Please See the website www.chalkfarmclayground. com for details.
  8. Many thanks to everyone that came to our first floodlit skeet at Chalk Farm Clay Ground in Norfolk. We started at 5pm and were able to switch lights on as it became dark ar 7pm. We have 2 skeet ranges and 1 down the line floodlit presently and should add one more (to be decided) in the next month. Floodlit is Tuesday evenings only 5pm-9pm. £6 a round.
  9. we have just added a second skeet range to our layout in Norfolk. We now want to install floodlights for winter evening shooting. We are having trouble finding a document with the correct specifications for the lighting (ie height of poles, number and type of lights ect). We have tried the usual routes like CPSA but have failed to find the document quickly and we are running out of time. Does anyone have a copy or know were we might get one. We be very grateful for anyone that could help.
  10. Everyone shooting on competition days can enter more than once. Those practicing on Saturday should have no advantage over anyone going around twice on Sunday as they also will then know the layout. The reason behind offering the Saturday practice was hoping to spread the numbers over 2 days to reduce queing. We have been very busy on the other competition days and we thought this might benefit the shooters. Those we have mentioned a practice day to have reacted positively. The thing that bring the most complaints is long waits at the stations so we hope this will help address this
  11. They will be similar targets but we have to move traps and tractors back to base at night.
  12. More Details of shoot, Saturday practice 10-3pm (last entries) 50 bird sporting (adults £12, juniors accompanied by a shooting adult £8) Pool shoot £3. Van onsite with butchers burgers, bacon rolls, refreshments etc etc Sunday Competition 10-3pm (last entries) 50 bird sporting. (adults £12.50, Juniors £9) Pool shoot £3. Burger van will also be there. Trophies for winning Mens, ladies, veteran (+65) and Juniors each class has prizes for the winner, and runner up prizes for 2nd, and 3rd places. Spot prizes for straighted stands. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us.
  13. We mightn't have gone if we hadn't won the tickets. Compared to some of the other shows its not too bad. The Norfolk show is pretty much a no go now (on the day £22 ticket ea with £6 parking!), plus it doesn't feel very country with its fashion village! Wayland is really nice £8 for a advance ticket. It'd be lovely if there was a big free event where everyone could learn about the countryside/shooting etc. I supose insuarence etc helps put an end to that though. At Wayland the kids get in the ring with a pack of foxhounds, and in the ring with a collie and ducks and they love it. Great wa
  14. Ouch! A friend went a couple of years back he did reckon it was a good day out. The Norfolk Game fair isn't too bad. They have a shoot on and gun dog scurry (taking our lab this year). If bought in advance £12 each with Free parking or £30 for a family. Then take we'll take a picnic - thats where they really sting you. Sandringham also do one in September although there didn't seem as much stuff there as normal last year. I managed to win a family ticket to the Norfolk Game Fair this year which is even nicer
  15. Are you a weekend shot, or do you like to try and get out in the weekdays or evenings? We used to enjoy going up Lakenheath on a Wednesday night for floodlit skeet during the winter (before the fire) and like to shoot Summer evenings when we get the chance too. Sunny warm evenings, light evenings, perfect! .... Assuming that Summer ever comes back!
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