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  1. Cheers everyone, I'll have another play and see how I get on
  2. Yeah exactly. E.g. Out the other night trying it, didn't turn lamp on, we scanned with the archer and dragon fly, and didn't realise there was a group of cows 120 yards in front of us until we put lamp on
  3. But when I turn the dragonfly on, it definitely illuminates and brightens the screen, could the lenses have to be adjusted?
  4. I'm on the computer now so the forum is a lot easier to use! As a spotter, clarity is good but doesn't pick up eyeshine past 30 yards, and that is with the dragonfly. No but I'll definitely bare that in mind thanks. Yeah I am considering a new scope.
  5. What do you mean scope coatings causing problems sorry?
  6. Sorry I'm new to this, it was suppose to be in response to al4x. I'm near Ulverston Cumbria
  7. I recently bought a starlight grade a archer gen 3 and I'm having trouble setting it up. The image I see is very grainy and not clear, and I'm struggling to pick up eye shine with it. I'm using a Leupold Vari-XII 4x12 with a front parallax scope. Apparently I need a scope with a side parallax for it to work? I really don't know what I'm doing so advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks John
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