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  1. I no Chris but the 3x12x50 seem to like hens teeth lately, any enquiry I made I got same sales pitch of this model discontinued but we have 4x16x50 models. Thanks for the links and I have emailed them both about mounts and postage costs to ireland already Cheers
  2. I rang and e-mailed few suppliers in England and was told same stiory. they seem to be pushing the 4x16x50 models
  3. Lads need help in locating a Airmax Sf 3x12x50 scope for my Gamo Coyotte? They have been discontinued a few weeks back but surely someone has 1 still in stock? There looking mad money on Amazon for 1 compared to what there where a few weeks back?
  4. Did you consider looking up Gun shops in states? You could get a great spec of scope a lot cheaper over there and will last you a few years.??
  5. Hi would anyone have or no where I could purchase a Nite site NS 200 Night Vision please? I no there discontinued a while but just throwing it out there usually someone has one.
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