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  1. Hi it's extended, would use their tapered key as doesn't have the four slots like a flush fit. But in all my other extended chokes I only ever tighten by hand anyway.
  2. Benelli crio teague titanium choke for sale. 3/8 light modified . Brand new These are £71 new. £55 Inc postage. Call for info 07534398550
  3. Hi all, I have just bought a second hand M2, I have ordered a teague choke which has arrived problem is that it doesn't thread in all the way! The thread on the gun is right at the end of the barrel and doesn't let the shank of the choke in, it should only leave the chequered extension piece out shouldnt it? I have measured it and the inner end of the choke does reach the stop in the barrel, is there only one type of choke for the m2? Any help appreciated
  4. Brilliant thanks, well I think I will give it a go as I have nothing to lose.
  5. I must be going mad!!! I'm sure when I checked this thread last night somebody had put on they had 2 FAC 1100 for sale, but now it's gone?!!!!!! also yellow van man, was your wife's an 1100 with the full crimp all the way around the mag tube? Have seen loads of stuff on YouTube about removing the dimples on early remmys with a socket but nothing on the full crimp.
  6. Hi all thanks to all of you who replied, sounds like it's not viable to do, I will see if I can find an unrestricted 1100 and make one good one out of two ( know the history of mine and it's been looked after) obviously anybody who has one for sale let me know cheers
  7. to be honest i completely agree, for years i had benelli's and the 1100 is not even playing the same game let alone in the same league, but basically i sold my benellu a few years back as i had no use for it anymore. I now do have use for one but with children coming along etc i can not warrant spending the money to get another, someone kindly offered the forementioned 1100 for free so i accepted, i would like it fac for two reasons 1 they are much better for vermin control and 2 a class 1 shotgun is all i have on my fac (not interested in rifles) so if i don't get another before it expires i
  8. Hi mowdy thanks for your reply, I didn't realise that you can remove the mag tube, if you can that makes life so much easier, I have just had a look at the Nordic extension tubes and they would be an easy solution. Do you no if they have a groove for the gas o ring on an 1100 or whether infact you need the groove at all? p.s this is all in prep, nothing will be done until it's on my fac. cheers
  9. Hi thanks for your replies i should have been more specific, I have a slot for a class 1 shotgun on my fac so no issues there, I have spoken to the police and they are more than happy (legality wise) for me to do the conversion, although they have said once I have done it it can never be returned to a class 2. my original question was really from an engineering point, I no from past experience with guns such as the benelli m2 etc it was as simple as removing the tube and "tapping" a 19mm socket down to push the crimp out. the issue I have is it seems the mag tube on a 110
  10. Hi all i am new to this forum so my apologies if this topic has been covered before. i have recently been given a Remington 1100 3 shot which I would like to turn into at least a five shot, as far as I can see the magazine is crimped to restrict any more cartridges being put in, my question is has anybody successfully removed this crimp before and if so how? thanks philip
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