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  1. Thank you, will keep my eye out for them to switch on to one of the fields I have permission on then, be nice to find more land but that is one of the big challenges.
  2. Hello Old'un Thank you for replying so soon, I am in Kent. I was under the impression pigeon shooting in high heat and very sunny days wasn't ideal? Slightly cloudy so the rays are not shining in the pigeon's face nor mine! also a bit of wind whereas we have almost zero wind right now.
  3. Hi All Looking for some advice with shooting pigeons with this current 25-30c constant weather we have in the UK. I have a few fields I am able to shoot on, 2 have just been harvested which were Oilseed rape, so it is now stubble, I am unsure at present when the farmer is harvesting the wheat fields. Everything I read says rape stubble is great, however not seeing busy flight lines, there seem to be more birds on wheat fields around and the weather being very warm isn't ideal of course. Would appreciate some advice, please
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