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  1. What the best price on this please
  2. Looking at buying the armsan paragon in 3.5 what are they like. Any info appreciated thanks
  3. Thanks what choke would you recommend thanks
  4. Will the ata venza be ok to use 3in magnum cartridges Thanks in advance
  5. Am after kofs 20g chokes please
  6. Can any one Tel me we’re I can get kofs ejectors springs from for a 20g thanks
  7. Looking to replace some pigeon decoys. At the moment I use full and half shell. There getting old and don’t want to try to paint them. So looking to buy new
  8. Could some one give me some advise the forend on My semi-auto synthetic stock is pealing it’s like rubber is there anything I can do thanks
  9. Ok thanks so to get it taken from my license I just send itinthanks
  10. I am thinking about selling one shot gun To some one could you please tell me how to fill the Licence in do I fill mine ore there thanks in advance
  11. Looking for a flapper any one recommend one pl
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