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  1. Thank you for all of your answers! It seems that comfort is the most important in this sport which is refreshing :). Was almost ready to buy all tweed 😂! Also, never thought about golf apparel! It means my old golfing gear will be revived for a second life! And when it comes to boots, just ordered me this pair of boots, as was recommended by a friend - hope these will be suitable! -> https://equestrianco.com/products/rogue-rb2-light-trail-boot?variant=30391218697 What bag for carts would you recommend?
  2. Hi everyone! Just recently got into clay pigeon shooting thanks to a friend and thought that it would be interesting to join this community! I've been out shooting for several times now and noticed that almost everyone is wearing at least one item made from tweed. Would be interested to hear more about style etiquette and clothing recommendations for a beginner like me. Thank you!
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