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  1. Would never do that, looks abit full on haha
  2. I'm on the derby/notts boarder mate Notts derby boarder. Pretty close to Mansfield, I have been considering it and there is a spot east of Mansfield that i have been eyeing up How can I do that mate? Thankyou all for your replies, certainly gave me some confidence boost and enthusiasm to continue the search! Also have 2 lurchers I was going to get into ferreting but the oldest one is now pregnant again so that idea is on hold
  3. I'm in the same area and it's a hard place to find anything at the minute...
  4. Hi all I'm a new member and I've tried everything to try and get permission on land to shoot pigeons. I have a .22 air rifle and have been shotting at a range for 3 years and have been asking for permission and just keep getting no after no for 4/5 months now. Tried knocking on doors, emailing and calling. I'm BASC registered and insured incase info get a permission but in all honesty this is something I'd really like to do and it is disheartening. I'm in no way begging for someone to invite me to the land they have got through their hard work but what advice or help did people get if they hard such a difficult time finding land? Thanks in advance
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