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  1. I’m not too troubled by the scratches as they are ok the underside of the stock. They are noticeable and repairing them would leave the stock in almost perfect condition. It’s grade 1, so is there a lacquer available that will match or am I best off to paint in a bit of gloss finish and flat it back as previously suggested?
  2. That’s not a bad idea. What is the standard finish on a miroku mk70
  3. There’s a couple of scratches on my MK70. Someone has told me it’s not an oil finish. It’s not a gloss finish, more satin. A light sand or wire wool would fix it but how would I finish it afterwards if it’s not oil? And ideas/advice?
  4. good idea. ive got some snap caps.
  5. just had to make a decision in the end. more than i wanted to spend but i think it was the right choice. Off to shoot it tomorrow!
  6. Thank you all for your help. Went out today and after 4 visits to different shops is finally bought a Miroku MK70.
  7. Thurrock Essex Tried all the Bettinsoli, Webley & Scott 1000 and a Lincoln. None of them fit. So, what are the thoughts on a Miroku mk70 grade 1 £1100?
  8. Hi Tim, I would be tempted by that if I knew what I was looking for in a used gun and if I could tell if it fit me or not. I need to go to a dealer.
  9. wow, thank you all for the advice, im genuinely grateful. Ill go to 3 shops tomorrow and see what they have.
  10. ok, thanks for the replies. I have a pretty strict budget and as its a first gun and i don't know about fit etc id like to buy from a shop. I cant seem to find a shop thats selling Browning, Miroku, Beretta in my price range. Maybe im looking in the wrong places. Im in Thurrock Essex. from where? i visited 3 shops on Thursday, cheapest 525 was £1300 and the only Browning below £1000 i was offered was a 1992 Gti with 32 inch barrels. Fit was nice but i have to like the look of what im buying and that looked awful.
  11. Hi, I've had my certificate since August 2018 and its time for me to get my own gun. i haven't got loads to spend £600-£900. I've been to a fw shops and had a look at some guns. I've looked at the 525 and a silver pigeon, the browning felt nicer but they are more than i want to spend on the hobby. I was looking at the ATA's but after holding one and comparing it to a Bettinsoli it was cheap looking, and the fore end felt huge (lol) I've held the Franchi elegante, nice feel but it looked boring, Browning gti, but that looked very old (because it is) but it did fit nice. the only two guns I've seen that feel nice and look nice to me are the Bettinsoli diamond and the Webley & Scott 1000. i think that Bettinsoli make both guns in Italy. Which one do you think i would be better off with or do you have any other suggestions (that aren't spend more and get an SP or a 525) that i should look at. Thank you
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