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  1. Thanks Figgy Yes I love the look and feel of the gun and looking forward to getting used to it. Yeah I got from a great shop (Raker ltd) it's like a community just full of "pre-loved" guns, and the owner Sam is like the guru of shotguns lol. He said there would be no issue with trading it in or reselling etc if I ever wanted to upgrade. Regards Sean Hey thanks everyone for your, comments, advice and interest. Kind regards Sean
  2. Hi Figgy At the weekend I borrowed then bought, an old 682 supersport. Quite old but lovely feel and balance, very solid. The think the balance made if feel light. I'm now happy. Regards.....
  3. Oh ok I have now thanks....yes I see. No didn't know that, thanks.
  4. Yep, on the private sales forum...it doesn't say sold anywhere obvious when I look at it...
  5. Hi, sorry, can't see any where on the advert that says it's sold. No prob, I know now.
  6. The 686e looks brand new and is a little more in price but the 682 instantly felt great, seemed lighter and very comfortable... Lol...you may be right...gonna start with 1 first. 3 gun case at the moment.
  7. Hey....thanks for the replies and great advice. I've just borrowed an old 682 super sport (from a local shop) to use tomorrow....feels great. There is also a 686e in another shop. Any prefrences over these 2 guns? Thanks Sean
  8. Hi I'm about to buy my first gun. I seem to prefer the weight and feel of a field/game gun. I'm shooting mainly Clay's, does it matter if use a field gun for clay sporting shooting? Does anyone else do this? Thanks Sean
  9. I take it this gun is no longer for sale
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