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  1. Neil4842


    Sounds good I’m thinking off one but not sure yet
  2. Hi has anyone got a hw77 or hw97 stock for sale please thank you
  3. Neil4842


    Are these worth buying at all has anyone used one please
  4. ENTER. thank you for the opportunity and a nice prize
  5. Phone on record inside left for 5 mins should prove if the go off or not
  6. Have you a picture please
  7. Hi if you will post can I be second please
  8. Hi I am after a hw77 stock if anyone has one for sale please
  9. I will have to check I have just started getting old rifles in bits and trying to get them back working again and then some of them I will keep and some off them I will sell for what it has cost me to do I will not be making any profit from the ones I sell on they will be sold at what it has cost me. I am doing it for experience and to try and pass some cheap rifles onto people coming into the sport. Just giving something back to the hobby whilst learning as well. I am not going to sell any off for parts I will keep hold until I find the bits. as you say new is cheaper but hopefully I can pick up a few job lots of parts and get them working and passed onto people cheaper than a new one
  10. hi I am after Cometa 50 parts I need a barrel and cylinder and possibly some more also if anyone has any rifle spares or old rifles working or not that they want to sell I am always looking for something Thank you
  11. Hi I have £100 if you would take that for it posted I’m sorry for the low offer but that’s all I have at the moment
  12. Would you take £30 posted
  13. If you go anywhere near Merseyside I will take it
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