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  1. Have both sets sold please if not can I be considered thanks
  2. Hi I’m wondering if anyone is selling a aim 45 Dragbag before I buy a new one please thank you
  3. Neil4842

    Air rifle

    If he doesn’t want the Hw77 could I have some pictures but only if lampro doesn’t want it
  4. Hi about 20 should be enough to try different things out please
  5. Hi how much is postage please these could be handy to make into other things like key rings etc. I would love to try it. thanks neil
  6. Did they both go I did send a message but you must not of read it
  7. I have sent you a message I will take it and collect thank you just seen this is from a month ago do probably already sold
  8. I have sent you a message I will take it and collect thank you
  9. What would postage on this be please
  10. Hi I have sent you a pm thank you
  11. Hi i am looking for some BSA Mercury’s for a friend he needs a mk1 in .22 and a mk1 and mk3 in .177 and both in the mercury s please have a look in your attic or old gun cupboard there must be some out there looking for a loving new home just trying here on the off chance someone has one thank you neil
  12. Bump anyone before I buy new thanks
  13. Hi £110 plus whatever postage you wanted it sending by not sure on rifle length I will have a look on line The AIM 55 sits comfortably between the AIM 50 and AIM 60, offering even more options and taking a rifle of overall length 54.5 inches (138.5 centimetres)
  14. Anyone after a Aim55 bag I have 2 a black one and one of the ones with no bags on the front it was a limited run of them I think. I’m after a Aim45 one as these are to big for me
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