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  1. Reply is a bit late as I’ve been having fun. I decided to go with the beretta 690😃
  2. 2500 to 3000 any more and I’m for the high jump
  3. One more update SGC arrived in post today 😀itching to go spend any recommendations? I’m thinking of getting beretta 690 unable to get to shop until Saturday 🤬
  4. Good afternoon all Just a update I’ve had my FEO visit and all went well after going through all the questions and inspections his last words were I’m going to recommend that you are granted SGC 😁 so now it’s just a waiting game to see if I’m granted one. So I’d just like to thank you all for your advice
  5. Adam southeast thank you for your advice I didn’t know CPSA did not cover for a refusal for initial grant. I have now joined BASC as well.unfortunately they do not process over the weekend so I will have to wait until Monday for them to process my membership then I will ring them to let them know my concerns regarding FEO comment. One shed alarm ordered to install in cupboard thank you all for the sound advice
  6. With the met . I think They have dealt with it quickly I applied 14 June and have visit 26 August due to FEO going on holiday for 3 weeks in August .
  7. I have a key safe with number code on to open that is hidden also my gun cabinet is securely fitted to wall and floor in a cupboard that is locked and only I have keys and access to
  8. Thank you sound advice I will dig through my paper work regarding contact arrangements. Only contact is letterbox once a year That go,s through social services
  9. I’ve joined CPSA and the children are only 14 and 9 would you recommend joking BASC as well ?
  10. Good morning all I’m new to pigeon watch so apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I’ve applied for my sgc and have my interview on the 28th of August whilst having a brief conversation with FEO over the phone he said his only concern is regarding the two children I have special guardianship for . The two children are my second cousins and the parents are no good they both have criminal records And are both the type of people that society can do without . Now myself I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal record not even a speeding ticket. I coach and manage a kids football team . Regarding the parents they have no contact with the children and have never set foot in my house nor will they . So I’m just looking for your opinions on this situation. Do I stand a chance of getting my license . I’m having lessons and have a course for shotgun safety booked . I would hate to have to give up a sport I’ve fallen in love with . I only shoot clay I’m not going to lie to anyone I haven’t got the Hart for game. Thank you in advance
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