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  1. Any pictures of the stock and forend. And are there any shims with it. thanks. lucas.
  2. But will be ok with the washers though won’t it?
  3. Think I may of sorted it now, took it apart to clean it but it’s spotless, took stock off and screwed the bolt into the action and realised it may well be touching something it shouldn’t be. So put it back together with a couple of thin washers, it’s now nice and tight and seems to fire the second shot with a slight tap on the floor after firing the first shot. time will tell, thanks for the replies. Lucas.
  4. If it was a dirty action why would it work when the bolt wasn’t tight, I will give it a good clean though, and the longer bolt does sound plausible but it’s not always been slack and never had a problem before, im more than happy to have it with a gunsmith but there is a long wait at the one I use so was wondering if it was something I could sort myself, but I guess other than cleaning it I’m pretty stuck. thanks. Lucas.
  5. So chaps, I have a Miroku 7000 and for a while now when iv shut the gun I can feel a bit of movement in the flat end bit of the trigger guard, so took butt pad off and it took a couple of turns of the screwdriver to get it nice and tight, closing the gun up was a bit tighter than normal, went to use it Saturday and it wouldn’t fire the second shot, or I couldn’t change the barrel selector very easy, but each barrel worked but would not fire off 2 shots, so that night I slackened it off a turn and tried it the next day but still the same, slackened it off to where it was originally and it worked, but I don’t feel comfortable with the play in the trigger guard and visual movement between the stock and the action, anyone any idea as to what is wrong, many thanks. Lucas.
  6. It’s got a 3 speed auto box Column shift. I believe it to be also call “ 3 on the tree” . a F550 is some special kind of beast. Humongous 😁 the ford bronco was also on my list. But them the blazer and jimmy are few and far between in this country. and don’t even get me started on parts for them. Luckily I have found a site that practically has every part you could ever need in the USA. put $387 worth of parts in my basket the other day. Postage was $1,105. 20% vat on that. Plus 2.5% import duty. $1840 total. so £300 worth of parts was going to cost £1500. 😱
  7. Just wondered if anyone had a yank tank. Old classics and the like. iv just bought a 1985 GMC Jimmy 5.7L 350ci V8. Twin side exit 3” pipes so sound insane😂. lucas.
  8. Thanks mate. Yes I’m all above board. I still shoot clays every week. Just not pigeons anymore. And I always make sure I have written permission just in case. And I’m a member of BASC as I used to be in the NPPC. thanks. lucas.
  9. Hi, not shot pigeons for a while as farmer retired and new farmer had his own people to take care of them, a local farmer has asked if I can do some pest control round his farm, now as iv not done it for a while I never really took much notice of the new law where you had to get a license to shoot pigeons and the like, is this still the case? thanks. lucas.
  10. That would be a fish cake then👍👍
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I was actually looking at the zeadio on eBay for £24. thanks. lucas.
  12. Hi, can anyone please recommend a 6-9” bipod to fit my S410 please. doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just looked at a Harris bipod £130. Seems a bit steep for a air rifle. thanks. lucas.
  13. All sorted now thanks, found one on GT. lucas.
  14. Not sure what you think I did wrong to maybe lose my sgc. It wasn’t me who traveled. Granted I wouldn’t do it again during lockdown. land thanks for the welcome. Joined a while ago but forgot. lucas.
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