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  1. My name is lucas north. And I have no knowledge of a tv drama called spooks. And I have never googled my name. But I shall look in to this imposter😁 I shall also look in to the DJI drones as they seem to be the ones to have. Thanks. Lucas north. Off the telly🤣
  2. Just been looking at the DJI Phantom 4 on eBay, seems to be a few different types about with all sorts of bits and bats with them. I’m not with you mate on the MI5 thing.
  3. Hi All. Im thinking of getting a drone that takes quality pictures and videos. I don’t want anything naff but have no idea where to begin. So any advise on makes. Models. What I do and don’t need. It will just be a toy really. For holidays in the lakes videoing the wife and the dog. A bit of scenery and the likes. And help or advise will be great fully received. Lucas.
  4. I thought I had. With the 16 going on the hmr. And the 12 on the 22lr. Or have I as ever got things wrong🙈
  5. Got a couple of things wrong there🙈 the scope for the 22lr is the 3-12X44. And the bipods are hawke not deben😁
  6. So. After been in the gun shop for nearly 2 hours Iv bought everything I need. Iv paid for my rifles. Just waiting for them to turn up. The 2 scopes I went for are. For the 17 hmr https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-side-focus-4-16x44-mil-dot.html and for the 22lr https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-ir-4-12x50-ao-mil-dot-ir.html Also got 2 Deben 6-9” bipod. 2 wildcat mods. Sports match mounts. 2 tikka gun slips. 2 tikka rifle slings. And alsorts of bits and bats for cleaning them. A few quid short of £2000. Pleased as I was hoping for the £1000 mark for each set up. Thanks for everyone’s help/suggestions and advise. Lucas.
  7. Setting off shortly 😁 one last thing. Do I need wide angle as it seems to be £100 on top of the same scope without it.
  8. 😁 that’s was my plan for today. Go and buy a scope. But now I’m not sure what I want or need now.
  9. Or am I best off with a FFP scope. Hawke do do the 4-16X50 vantage 30 WA half mil dot IR reticle
  10. Oh good, more confusion😁 so I should probably not get a caliber specific one then. So if I just got a hawke vantage 4-16X50 AO IR. there SFP. Would that be better? or is there any lens you would recommend thanks. Lucas.
  11. What’s anyone’s thoughts on the dedicated caliber scopes. I’m now looking at this for the 17hmr as it’s a side focus. https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-30-wa-sf-ir-4-16x50-rimfire-17-hmr.html thanks Lucas
  12. Don’t confuse me now mate😂 Thanks. I will bare this in mind. Was looking at the sak mods.
  13. Loving all the help chaps. I’ll be moving on to scope mounts next. then moderators, and bipods so don’t wander off to far😄👍
  14. But now Iv discovered side focus😂 https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-side-focus-4-16x44-mil-dot.html Who knew it would be so complicated🙈
  15. Think Iv decided on these 2. https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-ir-4-12x50-ao-mil-dot-ir.html https://uk.hawkeoptics.com/vantage-ir-4-16x50-ao-mil-dot-ir.html
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