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  1. Sounds odd, but it’s more to do with the actual wearing of glasses, they just annoy me😂 and I prefer the natural look through. Y eyes than messing about working out what glasses to use, I’m simple like that😄. I can just about cope with sunglasses when I’m shooting but only when really needed,,
  2. Seems a bit to good to be true for my liking, despite the huge spacer.
  3. pilla outlaw X7 3 lens kit, bought new 6 week ago during lock down as id got it into my head i wanted some, first shoot back last week and i realised wearing glasses for shooting is not for me, the kit consists of PCN, chromashift progessive neutralizer, 10 CED, chromashift enhanced definition super blue mirror, PCM, progressive chromashift mango-medium light. these are all the more expensive latest lenses, i used the PCM once and the rest are un used, all as new, obviously come with the black arms, all in there own bags, cleaning cloth and lockable metal b
  4. Thanks for all the replies chaps. I used to have a 800 HSW many years ago, wish I still had it, I just saw this in the gun shop yesterday on the counter as some lady’s husband had just passed away and brought his gun in to be sold, most looked like old scrap, offered him the ticket price of £100 and bought it. It was just for use on the pigeons really so condition was not my main concern, iv given it a good clean now. Looks to be pretty decent wood to be fair, or it will be when I strip it and re oil it, and get the dents out and probably put a new pad on it, it’s a 12mm rib. Iv enclosed
  5. Hi all. Can anyone identify this old miroku please. I’m guessing it’s a skeet gun. 26” barrels. Chokes seem to be very open. Trap style forend. bc miroku on the underneath. thanks lucas
  6. Thanks ditchman. Hopefully nothing to worry about. I’ll get I big hay trailer on it at the weekend round my mates farm and give it a workout👍👍👍👍👍👍
  7. Right chaps, I think I may well of sorted it, new lift pump fitted yesterday, started ok but then it shut down again after 10 mins, Was taking all the fuel pipes off to check and realised the pipe that goes from the fuel tap/sediment bowl to the lift pump, the bulbous end that’s on the end that goes into the lift pump had come off some how, so ordered a new one, but as a make shift bashed it back on the pipe and it fired up and ran on tick over for a good half hour, didn’t want to go out on it just in case it broke down, but will venture out on it tomorrow if it starts and ticks ov
  8. Thanks for all the answers. Very much appreciated you taking time to help. the first time it stopped I had all the pipes off the lift pump and the fuel filter. Fuel was pushing and pulling from all the valves and pipes, excuse my terminology😄 this time not so much. Just read about the filter on the fuel tap that goes into the tank. There wasn’t one on so iv ordered one and a new lift pump just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow in going to take all the pipes off and check there not blocked. As for the stop button iv been messing with that to make sure it was in the right place as
  9. Hi all, so last week i bought a massey ferguson 35, 1958 4 cylinder, in really nice condition,and apparently a good runner. when it arrived on the trailer from the guy who picked it up for me it started fine, a hour latter when i was going to go for a ride on it it started up straight away, let it tick over for 5 minsand when to set off and it cut out, now im no mechanic but iv tinkered with land rovers before, i checked for air in the system and cracked the injectors and pretty much everything i could think off, fuel came out of them all,took the sediment bowl off and cleaned it out, fuel fi
  10. Hi all. Are the browning chokes that come with these guns any good? I don’t normally stick with standard chokes. Normally use Teague or Carlson chokes. Half got my eye on a couple of Briley platinum chokes. I’ll only need the 2 as that’s all I use. Half and half. Thoughts please. thanks. lucas.
  11. That’s a beauty that mate👍
  12. And not a smiley face in sight😂😂 I’d normally just bang s screwdriver in but with the holes being really slim. Cocktail stick slim. I didn’t want to go with a screwdriver and possibly round off a Allan key hole. And the explosive diagram showed the screws but couldn’t tell if they were actually screws or Allen key. I googled the best lube to use on tight holes. I won’t tell you what it came up with😱😱
  13. Not sure how you come to that outrageous thought. it was merely a statement of fact. Also not sure how it could possibly put potential buyers off. And not sure why you would think I’d want to put potential buyers off. (Oh dear) my mate bought a 686 gold E the same time as I bought my 686E, his was £1450 new. He’s just sold it for £1350. another mate who bought a miroku 3800 new for £800 has just sold it for £900. Need I go on......... or do you feel I need explain my self more to you🙈
  14. Is t it good how you can buy a gun and keep it for 13 years and the prices have gone up so much that it’s still worth what you paid for it😄 my first gun was a 686E and cost £1100👍
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