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  1. Thanks chaps. I have emailed malmo guns. And I can’t find any info on Bwm, lucas.
  2. Hi guys. iv just bought a Miroku 3800 and need a trap recoil pad for it. Spent hours looking for one but can not find one anywhere. iv found ones that look like the one I want but not the one I want. Ideally needs to be a Miroku or browning one. anyone any idea where I’d find one. It’s the same as the recent MK38 trap guns. And must have the curve. thanks. lucas.
  3. Quick question. is the 390 in between the 303 and the AL391? thanks. lucas.
  4. I can obviously understand the need for a licence and FRD when getting an extra set of barrels because not anyone can just buy them. This however is different. And I would of checked with the different companies who would send barrels. Not just of lied or said they were just metal tubes. And I said it’s a massive hassle going the RFD route. And being ripped off postage wise. And as tight choke said. Most places say they do the work. But don’t. So then there’s there extra cost on top. And who knows where there going. If I send them to teagues I know there in good hands and getting done proper
  5. I just bought a GMK bag off eBay for £23. Perfect size.
  6. Thanks but all sorted now. And yes they are very good guns. My old one is now my pigeon gun so needed a new one for clays. the one I got is practically new. How a gun of that age is so clean and as new is beyond me. 30” bored out to half & half for £900 from a shop. I’m more than happy. thanks. lucas
  7. Surly there both not 26” as the one on the left looks longer, and are they missing butt pads.
  8. Got any more pictures please mate. And not the ones that are on guntrader either as none of them are very good. And you describe the gun as mint. And they describe it as tidy of its age. And to me there is a big difference in those 2 descriptions. thanks. lucas.
  9. Asked at teauges and they said RFD really. To me that sound like a suggestion. Asked FLO today. They said not sure Royal Mail will allow then to be sent. But as suggested there just a lump of metal on there own. Local FRD is 1 hour away and will cost 2-3 times as much to send via them. So post it is👍
  10. Hi, if I send some barrels off to Teague’s to be bored out can I send them in the post or do they have to go via a RFD? thanks. lucas.
  11. Lucasnorth

    Miroku 3800

    I’m after a Miroku 3800, must be 30” barrels, multi choke or bored out to 1/4 & 1/2. Or 1/2 & 1/2. and be in very good condition. I know there about so what have you got guys. I have no budget for the right gun, but that doesn’t mean I will over pay😄 thanks. Lucas
  12. There grind to fit I think so you may have to just buy one a get if fit to your gun, or do it yourself, at your own peril😄
  13. Thanks, I saw this when I did an internet search, but didn’t offer much help really. lucas.
  14. Hi. Iv just seen a miroku 3800 in a shop for sale and on the underneath it said miroku 3800 BB-1. Does anyone know what the BB-1 stands for or means. Thanks in advance. Lucas.
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