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  1. I use this guy. fantastic work and a quick turnaround https://www.jwsstockrefinishing.com/
  2. Don’t worry. Iv not come across one. I was just thinking the other day that with it being easy enough for criminals to fake things nowadays, how do you know if some bloke turning up to your house with his certificate and leaving with your gun hasn’t had it made up to just illegally buy a gun. How many of us actually look that closely at other people’s certificates. Or could actually tell a good fake. which lead me to think the police should have a website you can go on and access with your certificate number and details and input said buyers details and it says if it’s legitimate o
  3. I tried to list a gun on gun watch 5-6 week ago and it said I would need to be accepted, and be informed when I was ok to list. still waiting. Got in touch with a mod who put it forward on there private chat but still nothing. So gave up and used guntrader. although I’d still like to join gunwatch.
  4. I wouldn’t really go on my word mate. Iv not even tried them out shooting given the bad timing of buying them. I just didn’t see the point in them. On the PL glasses it seemed like the bottom half was clear. And same with the PG lens. I’d rather just have the full colour from top to bottom. I’m sure there is a good reason behind the technology, but for me I just don’t see it🤷‍♂️
  5. It was a hard challenge working out what lenses to have. but I went for the 10 CED which is a sunglasses type lens. a yellow lense which was the 64CB & the CPN which is the new version of the PN a purple lens. I got a similar set to compare the 2 a sent one set back. that was the 18 CED. the PG which is the progressive grape. A the PL. progressive lemon. didn’t really like the progressive lenses. And I’m going the get the PCM mango👍
  6. What should it be choked at? And most pop in the end £10 choke gauges are not worth a ****, I have one and try it now and again. Don’t think it’s ever been right with what the actual chokes are. Your eye should probably tell you if it’s a fixed choke sk & sk. Best to just ring the shop and explain. The amount of misdescribed guns I see on guntrader. And the incorrect identification of certain guns is unreal. Miroku guns are the worst. A few people like to call there 3800’s mk38’s. Old 800’s are often 3800’s. And the odd mk38 grade 1 with not bad wood described is grade 3. Despite haveing g
  7. Thanks chaps. I will only be using the rifles for rabbits and other small pest/Vermin. I’m sure both Calibers will have there uses in different situations. I will be practicing plenty when I eventually buy the guns, plenty of learning to do👍
  8. And, if anyone can be bothered. Can you tell me the difference between all the models of the CZ’s please. Number and name wise. the tikka also seems a good choice. Also been looking at the ruger precision in .22lr flavour, I’m normally in such a rush to buy guns so iv don’t well with not choosing my rifles yet. I guess lockdown has helped😄
  9. Great reading so far chaps. another question, what distances are you shooting out to with the 2 rounds?
  10. All sorted. No problem whatsoever 👍
  11. Anyone selling one. thanks. lucas.
  12. I don’t see how they can’t see them as faulty, and it was starkeys headsets so I’m sure they will be ok about it, and about £630 a set as every lens I chose were £20-£30 extra🙈 iv emailed them so will see what that say.
  13. So I ordered a couple of sets of pilla glasses Sunday night. Came today and was pleased to get them out and see what’s what. After watching the official pilla video on how to connect and un connect the lenses I gave it ago. Not sure how or why but ended up with this. Very unpleased to say the least😱
  14. Given the current climate, I went to my local gun shop today who had some clearance stock from the now shut down York guns and I bought a baikal single barrel 12b for £250. So will see how we get on with that. thanks for all the replies. lucas.
  15. Looks fun. But maybe a bit unnecessary for rabbits😂 It will be for rabbits mate. I don’t intend target shooting with it👍
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