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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. Especially the way to calculate the ft/lb from speed using chrono.. Appreciate it. Many thanks. May you all be safe while out hunting and have fun.
  2. Hi I'm using h&n field trophy. They are 14.66 grain so did your calculations using the fps which was 552. So its sitting at just below 10ft/lb Just noticed that the chrono is showing an error on the rear sensor so gonna get a replacement in case it's not working right.
  3. Hi all. Just got everything sorted and bought a chronograph to see what the rifle is sitting at. The pellet I'm using is 1 gram in weight. And the chrono says its using 10.1 joules which means its shooting at 7.44 ft/lbs. So how do I tune this rifle up ??
  4. Thanks figgy. Appreciate the info. I'll have to order a chrono at some stage then I'll set it up proper.
  5. Couldn't wait till next weekend to sort this out so got it out and sorted out the problem with the air pressure gauge. The fella who owned it before me only had an o ring from the gauge to the the alloy part. I used the same o ring but tried the dowty washer supplied with o ring kit.. and it's working great. Very accurate reading on it and no air leaks. So it's a result. Only reason why I stuck to the o ring was advice on another website. Thanks for all your help on this. On another issue if anyone would be able to help. Theres security hex screw on the right hand side. Is that the fine tune grub screw ? Have included a photo for more info. If it is what size is the grub screw inside?
  6. Hi. Thanks bud.. appreciate the info. Was always wondering what people meant by the sweet spot. I'll get my target out and hit the farmers land and do a day getting it sorted. Thanks for explaining that to me. Hi bud thanks for that.. think its defo a good idea just carrying a certain amount of pellets.. nice one thanks.
  7. Hi. Before I took it apart to service it I did a barrel clean was stinking then took it target shooting and was pretty impressed with the rifle. But not every shot landed. Sometimes 3 out of 5 would hit the target and the other 2 went way off. Also the sound of the rifle was slightly off when the 2 bad shots went down range. Sounds mad. Not as loud. I'll give it a good session once I have it working as it's meant to lol. Then if it's still firing wild I'll ask everyones advice on regulators. Thanks for the info.
  8. I'll do that now.. didn't think of doing that, thanks.. if no air getting to it how would I fix that problem? I'll keep that in mind when I look at it again. Put it back into the cabinet till next weekend. Thanks for the info.
  9. Hi thanks for the replies. It's a new BSA gauge that I fitted. Was told it should work better than the one supplied with the s410. Yes it was shooting fine when I got it. And it's still shooting fine. Just need to top up my diving tank as it's only sitting at 100 bar. No regulator at the mo. What ones are best for the s410.
  10. Hi I'm new to air rifling. Great bit of fun getting out with a rifle. I got myself an air arms s410 carbine second hand. As these rifles seem to have an excellent review.. so anyhow, was told the rifle had been sitting for a good 5 years so decided to do a strip down and replace all seals and the air pressure gauge as it was not reading any pressure. So replaced all. Cocked the rifle filled it up and still no pressure being shown. I've looked and scoured the internet trying to find an answer to the following question but have found nothing. So my question is has anyone any ideas what could be stopping the air from getting to the pressure gauge.? Another question would be what regulator should I go for? Couldn't find anything modern on topic. Many thanks for your time and any wisdom you may forward me.
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