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  1. I could do with a replacement 1/4 choke for my armsan a612 any about or point me in right direction
  2. Thanks guys and girls for the input I pic it up this weekend save my over and under getting battered in the hide
  3. I have no reason not to he’s a friend of a friend I seen the gun it immaculate
  4. I have been offered armsan a612 ineood stock he says only shot 50 rounds from new been at said persons friends for 3 years due to license laps while working over seas I been offered it at £275 with a loads of magnums is this a good deal
  5. Anyone got a cheap slab of steel carts and running low and still protecting crops near to South Yorkshire/ West Yorkshire
  6. Will after see wat time brings after this current situation thank you pal stay safe
  7. Wen this is all over will get out if u want pal
  8. I am on a pretty tight budget at the moment but looking for pigeon decoying equipment to get me started with as I only shot clays and tried decoying nice with a pal now am hooked so what’s I got and wats price as close to Barnsley as possible
  9. North west be very close to me at barnsley then yeh
  10. Hi I recently applied for my sgc I am waiting for my visit then pigeons and clays will be my weekends taken up
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