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  1. Rafia (natural colour) was one of the materials I was looking to add at the base to give a dead grass / straw effect along with rags and some ghillie suit type material. As mentioned, The back net does work very well to block any light coming through the hedge and have used a friends net for this before. There has been some great info on this thread guys so a big thanks for all your input and knowledge. I think I’m going to attempt to make one when I get a bit of spare time, if nothing else it will be a good experience to see what can be achieved and Will post some pics when it’s done. thanks all
  2. Thanks m m The net I have is a two ply net with a black scrim net on the back and a woodland pattern leaf cut style front net. The issue I’m having is that the light beams through under the gap at the bottom of the hedge rendering the net almost see through in the lower half. The aim is to cover this area with the most natural looking pattern I can create. I have looked at a lot of the nets on the market and can’t find one that satisfies my OCD. I am under no illusions that a new net will magically increase my success rate but if I can mitigate any issues with every bit of kit I use by putting in a little work and effort, then when it’s applied with the correct field craft it can, surely only be a positive. And TBH pheasant season will soon be drawing to a close and there is not a lot of pigeon about my perms at present, so I’m going to need something to occupy me.
  3. Good work, That’s the sort of thing I was looking to create.. maybe a little sparser as it will be a second net. Many thanks for sharing pc
  4. Thanks Boggy, great to be here.. Totaly agree with your and Westleys statement about keeping still and moving at the last moment and have proved this to my self by standing up still with pretty much my top half above the net and keeping the gun etc below the net and it certainly works when I’m alone but I regularly share a hide with a friend so double the movement to conceal I guess. will take a look through the posts you mentioned, sounds like what I’m trying to achieve.
  5. Thanks for your comments westley , I’m in agreement with you about being still and limiting movement but the idea of the second net was to conceal that movement and give me an area to reload and poor a coffee etc without spooking anything and leave the top section of the hide for viewing the field. So my idea was to try and get it to blend in a little without the faf of cutting out the hedgerow or grasses. The ghost net blends well but is quite transparent, maybe not a good choice in the first place.. I do like building and creating my own bits and pieces..
  6. Hi all first post for me.. I'm looking to make a homemade /custom , second, outer hide net to hang in front of my existing ghost net for extra concealment. ive looked through various different ready made nets and can’t find anything that really suits or satisfies my obsessive hide building condition. im trying to create something that will blend with the lower part of the local hedge row flora and fauna, so would need to be a long grass, nettle kind of effect for the lower two thirds of the hide, if you get where I’m coming from. I know the obvious would be to use the natural vegetation but just looking to create something that will blend and can’t just be attached with ease and speed for the shorter sessions. Have been looking to create something using ghillie suit materials and other natural looking fibres on a black nylon net. Has anybody ever had a go at this and was it worth the extra hassle..
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