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  1. Thanks for your help! Is there any way to see how old the gun is? With some kind of serie number or anything? -C
  2. I did not tray it on a shooting range. Thanks for your advices! I will tray it out first!
  3. Thanks for all your good comments! I have trayed the Browning B525 in a gunshop, it fits good. I assume it's okay to buy a B525 online then? The gun is the same right? or am I rong? C
  4. Thanks a lot! I'm glad to hear that! I look forward to go hunting!
  5. Hello I'm new in this hunting world and I'm looking for a shotgun. I'm thinking of a Browning B525. I see there is different grads, what does this mean? and what is the highest. Any other tips for a new hunter? Ps. It's important for me to get some gold on the gun Kind regards C
  6. Hello, Thanks for letting me in on Pigeonwatch forums! I look forward to use this forum. I have validate my account, but I still can't post anything in the forum "Wanted". I'm looking for a Browning B525 grade 6 or higher. Kind regards C
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