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  1. Well thank you all for your help. I'm surprised how quickly we found it, given my ambiguous description 🙂 I would love to own it but it looks to be worth more than I wanted to pay. Am saving for a new B525 game 1 and was looking for a cheap second hand gun in the meantime. I'm sure the owner will be more than pleased with the current valuation! Cheers to newbie for the vid link. Yes, watched it. Wish I owned some of those!
  2. @oldypigeonpopper Thank you for that, will have a look. It looks like it's going to be a little out my price range 😞
  3. @Gordon R Its looks like it was silver bus has gone dull with heat and age.
  4. It looked identical to this, a B25 A1. Serial 34928 S4 It was the 'superposed' lead mentioned by newbie that lead me to this. Am I correct in thinking it is worth around £1000? @oldypigeonpopper Don't really know date of manufacture.. the owner can't remember the exact year he bought it. Just that it was 1980 - 1982 ish 🙂
  5. I haven't got any pics of it.. I should have got some! 😕
  6. @Newbie to thisCheers for that.. will look it up now. Don't suppose you could put a s/h resale price to it? 🙂
  7. I'm probably asking the impossible here... My friend has a Browning shotgun that he purchased from new in the early 80's. It has been very well kept, in fact barely shot over the years and remains in superb condition given its age. Said friend is willing to sell the gun, I'm willing to buy. We got to speaking about price and that's where we hit a problem:- He has forgotten what model it is. And it doesn't give a model number anywhere in the gun!? This makes it difficult to put a resale price on it. We have tried entering the serial number on several sites to try and find out some info on it. All to no avail. So can anyone help? This 12G shotgun is an early 80s Browning over/under. 28in fixed choke barrels with vented rib, 2&3/4 in chambers. The receiver has no scrolling. Single trigger. It has safety thumbpiece and barrel select combined which is positioned under the opening lever. The forend is not removable, instead it has a lever that lets it slide forward about half inch to allow for barrel removal. The serial number on the receiver ends in S4 but on the barrels it ends in S74. It feels quite a light gun! Can anyone help, or have I just described every over/under shotgun from that era? Cheers in advance! V
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