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  1. Perfect thank you! Pmd you 👍
  2. About 50kg Will it not if used with tin and a bit of flux. This video looks very good and full of information to me? But obviously I could be wrong.
  3. I read that somewhere else thank you. Just tring to source all the equipment now! Trying to find a cast pot isn't as easy as I thought
  4. Thats what i thought and won't be going that route. I was originally going to look at the straight lead, tin and antimomy route as it looks the best quality and value, but will certainly look at linotype as well. Thanks again
  5. Thats brilliant thanks. I've heard of the old wheel weights but obviously harder to get now as they don't use lead anymore
  6. Thats brilliant thanks 😊 hello and yes. Going to try a 3% ally with a touch of tin as well. Just going to play with the hardness as obviously raw lead is too soft.
  7. does anybody have any idea where this can be bought please? Or does anybody have some laying around which is surplus to their requirements? 😌 Thanks
  8. Knew id seen it somehwere 🙄 Many thanks
  9. I remember seeing a drawing with dimensions for a shot maker on here but can't for the life of me find it anywhere. Does anybody have any dims and angles for the ladel? Thanks
  10. Thats brilliant. May take you up on that sitsinhedges (great name btw) when all of this chaos ends 👍
  11. Thats exactly where the rose golds came from 👍 assume that's one of their own brands? I'm leicester side of kibworth unfortunately but Kettering isn't far. Whys that?
  12. Thats great thanks. I'll go with the fiocchi hull data. Thanks for all your help 👍
  13. I've literally just watched that before you replied. Very good. Never dreamed of using standard corrugated cardboard! Now wheres all those Amazon boxes.... Thanks
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