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  1. The cocking rod is fully rearward as I was able to operate the spring loaded cocking levers from the rear of the action, normally they are full forward and the grooved area is hidden, The contact point on the fore-iron lever is not polished like the other side, but matt and not as smooth to the touch.
  2. Hi, I joined the forum last year when I started clay shooting again and have found the forum to have many knowledge members, with this in mind I have a question reference my Beretta 686 30” sporter which I bought new in 1987. It has been lightly used with less than 10,000 cartridges going through it, and has always been cleaned and oiled after use. The other day l took off the stock and removed the trigger assembly from the action to gain access to the top lever screw which had come loose. After resecuring the top lever screw with low strength loctite I had a good look around and n
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