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  1. Old school conversion, running a cut down rrc chassis done sometime around 1990 i do believe.
  2. Normally, But this has been a full resto to my spec and updating too, so full rewire, 300tdi engine, rebuilt absolutely everything myself. And stripped the paint back to bare alu and started again.
  3. Since shooting and Land Rovers Stereotypically go together. Who owns one? I've got a 1983 Series3, which i'm rebuilding nut and bolt.
  4. Have to see what happens when I finish probation amd he joins up. Cheers again guys.
  5. Niether of us have applied yet. I'm on probation for another 2months. He hasn't signed up yet, due to not wanting to waste £120 membership fee, to be refused when he does apply for fac.
  6. Nope. Am not that tall or ugly to pass off as him. 🤣🤣
  7. Club I am at has a 'locker room' that ha loads of cabnets. In the club house which is only accessable between 1000 and 1700. So hopefully they will see he is looking into things and proving himself to be responsible. We both work in a high stress job (stevedor), no such thing as an easy day. It is 12-14hrs of constant stress and pressure. Not really a suprise after what he wet through he 'snapped' but as said he is a complete different lad now. And one of the best i've ever worked with. We are in N.E Lincs. Which according to my hunt leader mate, they hate
  8. Even if he goes to doctor, and gets an evaluation? Again he is like me, not interested in hunting, just .22rf target shooting.
  9. Thanks for the honest answer. As i've said Lincs is apparently an **** to get a FAC. Not got any violence on my record. So hopefully that will go for me. Spoke to a lass at what I'm guessing Lincoln today. She was actually really good. Spoke to her about my DR10 and was honest (to what the police said). And how things are now. Did meantion i'm on 'probation' and her voice suddenly changed until, I said was with the gun club and nothing to do with police. She said, as long as I'm honest about it, and just say, but can show to the interview office
  10. Talking to a mate, at work today who is like me and wanting to join the club i'm at and get his FAC. One point is 5years ago he tried to kill himself, by od'ing on painkillers. To be fair to the lad, we have worked together for years. He was in an abusive relationship. And it call came to a head. So he admits it was a stupid thing to do. But now has a new life and even talking about it, can see he never wants to go back to that place. He doesn't want to pay the membership fee £120, do the probation, buy cabnets, ect. To be refused. Should he appl
  11. Cheers for the help and advice guys. Lincolnshire office is open at 1pm so will give them a call then and see what they say.
  12. I wouldn't believe it unless I saw it. But this is kind of going away from the purpose of the post. Will a DR10 from over 4yrs ago, stop me getting my FAC?
  13. Can see your point. Hence why asking this question. Don't want an immediate refusal on my record since, obviously that will go against me, if I apply again. Really hoping, that I am worrying about nothing. And all will be fine. It was a **** show (seriously) Without going in to too much detail. They removed the SD cards from my front and rear dash cams. Then in court tried to lie about me, driving over a 'raised and planted' round about. Quick jornment and google maps showwed they were lying. In the end I got 20month ban, £1000 fine. Ban was cut to
  14. From my friend who runs the local shoot apparently Lincolnshire police are dead against people owning guns. Said to me, a mate of his who has had a license for about 30yrs, reaplied a few months ago. They dragged up he was put on anti-depressants 20yrs ago and was going to refuse a renewal. Can I phone the FAO and ask if there is any point in applying, without giving my details?
  15. Just the advice I needed. Can this be done, before I make the application? Because also if I get a refusual it will be flagged up and make it even harder for me to reapply.
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