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  1. It seems to work ok? it is more a precautionary measure going to have a look on bay 🙂
  2. Yes the very same, so this now leads to another question I can find parts for MK2 fairly easy for MK1 not so easy I take Valve seals for MK2 and so on wont be compatible for MK1, is it worth replacing them or leave as is? As I don't know when anything was replaced on this Peter
  3. Hi I need some help please, I have been given a Logun Rifle, the name is what it says on the side of the air rifle I want to replace all the seals, but I can find this model anywhere on the other side it says S.W.P 3000 psi CAL .22 The gun itself is in very good condition, and I only need this for indoor target shooting so its a shame to let it go to waste. Thanks Peter
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