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  1. I just bought some once fired brass. firstly I noticed different colour primers in some, then looking at the Hornady stamping there are also diffrences. I thought i would then weigh them. group 1: 54.2 grain group 2: 58.8 grains group 3: 58.8 grain there were a few that came in over 60 grains. I have yet to do a proper H2O capacity but looks like group 1 is 14.5 grain and the other groups at 13.9 grains. not sure how this will show up in real time shooting after reloading but could just through everything all over the place.
  2. Interesting, my case H2O is 13.90. both using Quickload with very different results. 11.5g of N120 gives 3508fps 40654max psi so would indicate still some room other than the fact it is an 108% fill. That's with coal at 1.720 David
  3. I have been reading loads on fireforming brass and the quality of the Hornady brass. It has been suggested that if I use SIMPLEX MASTER FORMING DIE .17 Ackley Hornet from .22 Hornet Cases and reduce the length and the FL size in H Hornet it should work. has anyone done this before I get a die sent to me? mant thanks David
  4. Thanks for your reply, What is evident is the H110 just does not work for me. The N120 is better and a good starting point. I would like to try some Lovex D063 and when I find some will give it a go. Vit N110 is also now an option. I think the next bits going to be looking at brass. if what is true Hornady is not the best. but that is for another day, David
  5. Rather than just leave this here thought i would add to it. Tried a few loads and not able to get H110 to work well with 20g vmax. N120 works better. still some room to improve. 17 grain BT with H110 were Ok but again more work needed.
  6. I am thinking of getting a pump for my AA s410. my tank is due for a retest. What would be a sensible pcp pump? I see they very on cost from £15 on https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zerone-Stirrup-Charger-4500PSI-Airrifle/dp/B07GB2BQXS/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=3+stage+pump&qid=1613664682&sr=8-6 to a lot more. Having never used a pump as the s410 is only to 180 bar will it be fairly easy to pump? thanks David
  7. Firstly just joined so thank you for letting me join. I have done some reloading 223 and been happy with the results, but enjoying the challenge of the Hornet. I have a CZ American and although I had managed to get a good grouping from 17g cheep BT was having difficulty getting 20g Nosler and Vmax to work. Vmax were better than nosler. In order for me to improve I have gone through the riffle and found the action was not torqued down. I have bought a torque screw driver and now made sure scope and action is done. I am reloading to COAL 1.720 case: 1.345 and using an compar
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