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  1. Christ Karl that was me! When you mentioned it I’d forgotten all about posting this!
  2. I hadn’t realised it was such common knowledge, when I looked online all I could see was the Hatsan/EB supplied ones.
  3. Evening chaps, thought I’d share a top tip for other Hatsan owners out there, as it’ll happen to everyone at one point or another. I was cleaning mine today, and managed to pinch the o-ring seal and cut the damn thing right through. So I called the shop where I bought it to see if I could get another from them to save me having to wait and pay postage etc. On most sites they are around £5 plus p&p. When I got there he gave me one for free, and then sent me down to a local seals and bearings shop (City Seals and Bearings, for anyone in the Sheffield area) where I bought another ten of them at £0.37 each. So the gunsmith says, the seal going bad is the number one cause of returns that he sees, as they either get forgotten about or pinched during assembly - the gun will still sort of work without it, but it won’t cycle reliably. I thought I’d share this with you all to save some pennies - it’s easier to take the working seal with you for them to measure rather than guessing at it yourself.
  4. I can highly recommend Cockett Farm at Farnsfield, Pete Armett coached me when I first started and found him to be really good.
  5. Evening all, I’m Alex, 31 from Nottinghamshire; I’ve been shooting clays on and off for about ten years but only started taking it seriously in the last year or so. At the moment I shoot exclusively at Cockett Farm in Farnsfield; it’s a really nice friendly ground and it’s not far from home. When I had more time to travel about I’d go as far as Doveridge and Park Lodge from time to time, and I hope to get back there soon. Currently I’ve got a Bettinsoli Diamond, a Hatsan Field Hunter pump action and a newly acquired Hatsan Escort V.
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