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i am trying to find out the history of two shotguns passed down thru family as i need to find history, value and if they are black powder or not anyone know where ui can find these details?? one of them is st. etinne and the other t.wild i believe the st.etinne has m & p 82666, 184 tarzan JG PT with the crown stamped on it and the t.wild JG with domascus barrels, 4739/3085

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Ok your going to need to look closely at the proof marks, this will tell you as about the guns as possible, if manufacturers records survive then some can be accessed for a fee or you can contact the likes of Diggory Hadoke who is a firearms historian and valuer, or holts the auctioneers T Wild is a well known maker. Hi res photos of the guns and especially proof marks are the order of the day. There are some good American websites but the values are meaningless to UK market.


Try here for info on the T Wild http://www.rowlandwatson.co.uk/ For the Et Etienne have a look at this http://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217279 and here http://www.shotguns.se/html/france.html



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