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  1. Same in cardiff today expect somewhere may go to 99.9 by the weekend
  2. So any update on this? I’ll have a look on face ache for some info
  3. Have you spoken to recoil Systems https://www.recoilsystems.com
  4. Been a while........ but actually the mrs said the other day she wants to go blast some clays... 🥰 used to like treetops but not so keen on sw2000 I’ve been to dragon at ewenny and I used to go to nelson....... I like mork (except when I got stuck in the carpark) and been to longridge.... anywhere I’m missing? dont suppose treetops has reopened? Was great, pay and play 20 minutes from home shame it was ruined.....
  5. Hopefully they broke a few clays 😉
  6. HDAV

    HDMI splitter?

    That’s part of the edid handshake
  7. HDAV

    HDMI splitter?

    What res is it still doing it on?
  8. HDAV

    HDMI splitter?

    It could be the bandwidth set the virgin box to the lowest output not auto (576 if possible but 1080i if not, in that order) switch of HDR deep colour and 4K However it’s possible you are experiencing a part of the HDCP content protection built in to hdmi devices, cheap splitters probably won’t work you either need a proper hdmi DA (distribution amplifier) with edid management or an edid emulator, each tv has its own edid which is passed between the source and display as part of the hdmi handshake 2 tv’s can’t handshake to one source so the one get sent and the othe ignored or worse both get sent an confuse the virgin box, a kodi box designed to let you stream copy protected content won’t stick to the standards and will just push video, a set top box for a cable tv company will. You can analyse the issue and solve it better da’s have an edid manager that allow you to set the edid in the DA (often a dip or rotary switch) http://www.cypeurope.com/store/store/app/product/QU-4M/1-to-4-HDMI-Distribution-Amplifier-with-System-Reset
  9. Seems SWP have cornered the market in this friends cert expires today rang up and were told new one is going in post tonight. No mention of 8 week extension though....
  10. Friend got through to licensing dept.... they are posting the certificate tonight so have told them no need to arrange storage elsewhere... Amazing what happens when you challenge them a little.... docs were sent on time so no issue there, shame they can’t just turn it around in a reasonable time frame without having to be nudged and hen pretend like they are doing you a favour by applying their own process in their own time frame....🤔
  11. THis is the issue I told them to call firearms and tell them they need a temp certificate, but they aren’t the sort to tell the police what to do.... BASC aren’t answering the phone.... cert could arrive tomorrow or could be another month.... who knows as far as I know their renewal went in plenty of time (reminds me mine will be due soon I think!) but due to other commitments if their guns go in my cabinet today they may have to stay there for a while (beyond 72 hours) so what goes on the transfer paperwork? Transferred due to police incompentence?
  12. Just had a call from a friend, certificate expires today, not new cert in post....(shotgun cert) SWP wrote to them saying they weren’t able to meet 12 week renewals and if no cert they had to make arrangements to store guns elsewhere. Now I do have room in my cabinet but seems like a lot of hassle....now the 72 hour rule still applies? But beyond that they will need to written on my cert I will then have send in transfer docs, once they get their new cert I have to transfer back? But guns will already be on their cert? So what’s the current advice? Have told them to ring FEO but they aren’t the arguing type. Have phoned BASC but no one available to talk to me.... ive not been shooting for ages and haven’t been here for a while so after updated guidance asap please many thanks
  13. HDAV

    British passports

    China? Mozambique? EU rules EU contractors..... Russia aren’t EU so wouldn’t be allowed to under procurement rules. It’s a global market for supply and demand the details of the tender will be out there if you want to read but govt procurement is an incredible beast of paperwork, rules and regs.
  14. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803134516372?advertising-location=at_vans&sort=datedesc&make=SSANGYONG&supplied-price-from=500&page=1
  15. What’s “sensible” http://www.ssangyonggb.co.uk/news/ssangyong-launches-rexton-cse-van-with-new-22-litre-euro-6-diesel-engine/22131
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