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  1. That’s often down to the tyres they come with from the factory designed to minimise co2 and maximise mpg....not grip or fitted with budget ditch finders put decent tyres on and makes a big difference.... add the XC90 to the mix not the street cred of the audi but the D5 5 pot motor is great and the later haldex system works well might be surprised with what you can get for your budget.....
  2. It sure but doesn’t plod have to come and check your back garden if you want to do some plinking?
  3. It’s wood it can be adjusted may just need to remove the catch and see how far out it is maybe doable with some minor work 525 and mk38 forends come up for sale
  4. One for the instant coffee lovers interesting results...
  5. Mot isn’t all that (it’s the minimum requirement to be on the public road) get an independent inspection not sure if AA/RAC are doing them at the moment but they are much deeper than an mot.... Or buy a brand new car cause they never have faults........
  6. When you say “action” do you mean the whole action? Have you unbolted the stock (just the wood bit?) and tried that? I don’t expect the barres to swap but the stock yes with a minor fettel by a stocker, why swap the forend, they are not handed 🤷‍♂️
  7. Makes awesome iced coffee my aunt used to make big flasks in the summer lovely stuff.
  8. Nice ride! Might need to get some more upto date security fitted..... used to go past the rally art showroom in Dudley as a kid that was awesome nearly had an RVR (the original,SUV?) but couldn’t afford the insurance so had an Astra estate instead 🙈
  9. That’s cheap compared to some areas
  10. Depends on force some follow HO guidance some don’t 🤷‍♂️ BASC can’t do anything
  11. Of course if won’t but neither will an SO6 EELL bring down a Pigeon better than £50 baikal 😉 I probably made the same assumptions you did watching that video (I didn’t choose it because of the coffee machine) but I have since watched a few more of his videos and found them entertaining for sure.
  12. Had one years ago when I worked in (randomly enough) a car dealers..... stuff the pod, vacu stuff, Some are ok but not cheap or sustainable Bean to cup or grinder and manual machine..... slightly cultish. But interesting way to spend some lockdown time and money.... I bought the machine years ago now £250 gets you a basic espresso Machine at least the same for a grinder £500+ For a bean to cup.... enter the rabbit hole here
  13. Interesting read https://www.pfjones.co.uk/towball-heights.html putting smaller wheels on the car is another solution......
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