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New Saim scp19 thermal scope/spotter

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Specs 12um 256x192 19mm lens rrp 1400.
Scope/spotter small light  2xcr123 batteries. Same set up as the other models in range. Features x2 zoom has compass and accelerometer. Four profiles choice of reticles colour and styles, four pallets and the usual brightness/contrast. No wifi recording /streaming.

Had this out only the once so far as a spotter. As mentioned small light fits in the palm of the hand easily. Conditions were warm spots of rain.
To use the zoom you have to press two buttons together not the best. In regards to the compass and accelerometer personally I could do without these. I would have replaced them wifi and storage, each to thier own. Other than that no other issues menus are fine.
In the field picked up a large heat source at 250 yards, large blob in the screen. When it moved then sat up it was obvious that this was a fox. Watched it for ten minutes. At 150 just shootable at 100 easy. As it's an urban fox on a nature park it wasn't shy, even with the dogs present. Got to 80 yards could have easy gone for a head shot.

For 1400 quid you get a thermal scope and spotter you cant go far wrong in my opinion. Yes it's not sct35 or helion xp50 so dont expect plenty of detail with tones and contrast. Will test it out on some bunnies the next time I'm out.

I suspect due to weight and size this will appeal to the air rifle users as it will be fine for ratting and close range targets. Will be fine also for the rimfire ranges.
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