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help with a big field


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Im quite new to this superb sport. Ive got myself a field of winter rape, but its 90acres and beleive it or not its got footpaths all the way around it so im using pallet built hides in the middle. Ive got a magnet and have had limited sucsess with my deeks. just wondering if theres a best way to set up with or against the wind?. also how do people think that the weather effects the shooting? Ive had a really hard time of it in the last week with the wind...........not least cause the birds are realy moving. And is it worth staying out in the rain?


Anyway im sure ive got a hundred more Q's, just hoping for a pointer in the right direction.........Thanks



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In reply to the weather pigeons have to eat every day to keep warm.  Pigeons seem to do a better job at predicting the weather than the forecasters.  If the rain is intermittent they will sit in the trees and wait for a break in the rain, if its in for the day they will feed in it.  So it comes down to whether you want to get wet or not.  Shooting in high wind can be good fun. You miss a lot but the ones you hit a really satisfying.


Have Fun     Kev


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