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  1. Well, things are on the up......read on. I fitted the scope that I stumbled across wedged in the bottom of the rifle sleeve (a 4 x 20 Horton Crossbows model) and spent an hour in the loft firing at some targets and hey presto, I'm actually hitting the places that I'm aiming, astounding. I know most of you reading this will think 'calm down mate, you're firing an antique' but I had a real ball. I'm gonna carry on with this old beast but I think, after a quick thumb through an air gun mag, I'll have a look around for a new model, possibly a precharged. Any views on a step up mod
  2. I too have one of these guns. I just got it off of my Dad as he has replaced it. I shot with it as kid and he said it was bought in 1972 but I don't know if it was purchased new or not. Can anyone tell me how to set the sights up? The sight doesn't appear to have any screws etc to adjust. Do I just bend it? I looked at the pictures of your gun and mine doesn't have the 'tube' over the sight on the end of the barrel. Will this be a problem or not? This is my first ever rifle so please excuse the terms I use, I'm afraid I don't know any better yet.
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