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  1. Good evening all, Newbie here! Starlight32, Thank you for advertising our modest shoot - it looks as if the PigeonWatch Forums have a mighty audience, there has never been such interest in the WGC website! You obviously have some knowledge of what we do and who we are but I'm not sure that the good people who put in much time and effort will appreciate your tongue-in-cheek description of them. Just to curb your enthusiasm, I also have to apologise in advance for the lack of attendance of the 6 Fingered Lady on account of a clash of dates with her manicurist. To those who are thinking
  2. Agreed it depends what it's for but they are still alright on clays I have recently bought an old one for £100, full choke but that just makes it more fun :thumbs: . It is surprising how much time you actually get on sim pairs. Not for a serious clay shooter granted but a damn fun gun that gets everyone talking .
  3. Yeah, I do a bit of reloading though can't say that it's any cheaper for me. Reckon it costs me about £10 extra per thousand. I only reload fibre wad so that may well account for it. Only do a few as a hobby though. Reload all sorts of hull although I find Blue Diamond amogst the best. Have an old 3 shot Manufrance Pump with full choke that takes them no probs. Since it's mainly for clays I've started doing some 9's. Otherwise whatever size I can get (between 7 & 9). Wondered about getting a roll turn over tool just for a change; how'd they come out and where can I get on
  4. I'm after some scales that are cheap and accurate- digital or beam scales. Anything reasonable considered. For reloading. Thanks, Hi G. ***Not any more -Thanks***
  5. With FM here, If the sun is consistant which it ends to be whereI live, the shadow of the pig would cover more than his shoulder going by the mans shadow. Also, may just be me but it appears that his right hand has had his fingers stretched to cover both feet. Still a rum sized hog though!
  6. Don't mean to sound too harsh here but there's a few things I feel I need to clear up. Aled, firstly just because your firearms officer is a mate doesn't mean he can pass you just like that since it will be his job on the line. Also, after reading your numerous posts it seems apparent that you enjoy going off on your own with a gun to shoot. That's not to start on your previously mentioned obsession with Badgers.
  7. I have just got out our old single shot bolt action .410 shotgun and have taken a liking to it (makes a damn nice bunny gun!). The trouble is that for a box of 25 cartridges it cost me £3.80. I was considering reloading my own. I have never done it before and therefore have a few questions. What exactly are rolling tools (used instead of a crimp; holds in card end) and are they possible to make? Do they take standard gun powder (is it the same as what a 12g takes?) and shotgun primers? Is it worth it??? Any extra info greatly appreciated! Many thanks, H
  8. Anthony, I can see that you have a bit of a dilemma but I think that firing a cartridge at yourself is a bit drastic just to frighten a few birds..... :thumbs: Never tried bangers but I have found that a standard Tesco bag etc tied by the handles on a stick, that's then pushed into the ground is very effective as well as cheap, as others here have also suggested. High_gun
  9. Just to add to what Quercus said, That is also assuming that you do not have any firearms in your cabinet as these are on a different license.
  10. Try teaching it to drag race Was out on my bike Friday cycling along a small country lane and a rook started to fly overhead racing me!! Thought it was conincidence so I stopped and when it noticed me it flew back and circled overhead until I started to move again when it promptly procedded to what I can only desribe as 'toy with me' ; it flew along the road about 3 feet from the ground getting away from me as fast as it could then swooped round and came back to me about 20 feet high and went through the same act again! It repeated this about 5 times in all until I turned onto a bigg
  11. Quite right hg. As I understand it all the safety catch does is hold back the trigger and stops it from pushing up the sear catch and releasing it. A jolt against the sear's spring however can lift it up and over it's securing point and do the same as when you pull the trigger.
  12. Assuming you mean computer shooting games, try here. http://countrysidesports.tripod.com/games/games.html High gun.
  13. :blink: I've seen John Bidwell do that as well, he also shoots an egg or something then pumps out the empty case and shoots that! :(
  14. http://members.tripod.com/countrysidesport...es/shooter.html Very realistic- don't shoot directly at it! Get onto the bonus game (shoot 5 space ships)! 83 after many attempts! P.S. As it says these are highly trained stunt animals so please do not try this at home :blink:
  15. O-C, Do you mean this? http://www.benellisamericansafari.com/vide...tipantelope.mpg High gun
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