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  1. to all out there if anyone knows of any keepers jobs going or have shoot they need a keeper for pls pm me have experience in keepering many thanks
  2. what type is best and where is bes to get it from
  3. has anyone got one of these and what do u think of them the good and the bad
  4. well acording to the warwickshire police website one man has been charged with murder and another released on bail pending further inquires good job i say the murdering scum hope they get what they desere
  5. the digging out website as above is an anti website who are also against shooting coursing hunting ferreting fishing and everything else in between people in the countryside need to stick together as an ex terrierman for a hunt it was pest controll but i enjoyed working my terriers the same way as people enjoy working there lurchers and ferrets there is no difference. pigeon shooting is pest controll at the end of the day so is it wrong to shoot pigeons for sport no of course its not. there is nothing worse than people who do one country sport whilst having a pop at the other sports peo
  6. i look after a large garden for a chap we have a river running though the garden and i have seen several mink around i have been asked to deal with them i have heard of floating mink traps and was wondering the best way to catch the ******* any advice will be great
  7. now sold to dealer for £1800 result
  8. ive been offerded that by a garage so may be i should bite his arm off then
  9. im looking to swap my ford focus estate Gihi 1.8 deisel it has 179.000 on the clock air con cd player heated front and rear windows colour is dark blue its a gd wagon in fair nick for its age x reg. i value it at £1700 im looking to swap it for a 4x4 would prefer a pick up but not ruling out anything that is offered so if you are interested please pm me
  10. hello mate im just the other side of bucks in tingewick i may have some land for you to ferret let me have ur contact details and il see what i can do
  11. hi all i do alot of pigeon and rabbit shooting have always used my browning o/u 12g but i want a auto now and after watching some vids of the berretta extrema 2 on this site i quite fancy one lol but on a serious note is it easy to get a semi upgrade to a FAC to take more than 3 shots or do those nice lads and lasses at the local constabulary frown upon them do the except pigeon and rabbit shooting as a good enough reason to own one .
  12. hi all im looking for a keeper who wants some help though the year part time as im part time on a farm i have experience in keepering please pm me look forward to hearing from you .
  13. hi all im looking into changing my car for a truck so if anyone has thoughts on what wagon is best for shooting ect it would be great to hear your views and any pics :good:too
  14. Hi all great site my name is joe i live bucks/northants border good to hear from any off you in the area
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