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  1. Good riddance to them, flooding social media with pictures of bags of hundreds of birds like it’s an every day occurrence, no wonder people want it banned when they advertise it the way they do. Plus a lot if not most of the people they take out couldn’t give a **** about the countryside or anything to do with it, that don’t even bother picking up all the empties and dump birds in hedges. All of which I have seen first hand
  2. Section 12. Definitions of this licence seems to cover most bases including stubble shooting in the “prevent serious damage” section As I read it though pigeon guides are definitely done for as the sales and consumption section states the licence does not cover commercial or recreational shooting of woodpigeon, good riddance to them
  3. The only good I can see coming from this is the potential end of pigeon “guides” who in my opinion do nothing good for pigeon shooting.
  4. just overboard and skim, it’s the easiest method and best end result, I’ve overskimmed tons of this stuff and although possible it’s always a ball ache! Only ever lost one ceiling and that was due to distemper
  5. It’s a 2015 Challenger, 21000 miles, full Mitsubishi history, just mot’d first time manual with cloth that’s been covered from day one, we buy any van offered £9.5k plus vat, I suppose what I need to know is it worth going to dealers or will that be about it, I really wanted about 11k for it!! Which is still cheap compared to autotrader prices
  6. I could do with an honest valuation of my 2015 l200 if anyone is willing to stick there neck out!! Prices seem all over the place on autotrader and I just want an idea of what I should be looking to get if I just sell it to a garage or dealer thanks
  7. The thing I find strangest is that fellow pigeon shooters seem as unwilling to share where their birds go as they are to share the land where they shoot them!
  8. Shame your not closer! Or do you collect for a big amount?
  9. That’s not a bad call, bakers pet food is pretty close to me, might be worth a phone call
  10. This might be my only option, the problem is I shoot with others and would have to convince them to convert to steel too
  11. So yesterday I rang my “new” game dealer to take in my freezer full of pigeons only to discover he has ceased trading, this wouldn’t normally be a problem as I would drive the extra 20 minutes to keythorpe game in tugby. The problem is, I’d heard on the grapevine he didn’t want frozen pigeons any more so I decided to give him a ring, turns out he isn’t taking FRESH OR FROZEN pigeons at the minute as there is no market for them as he says there is an excess of them in cold storage in this country. Now this is only one game dealer but it’s something I’ve never heard of before and makes me wonder if this is the beginning of the end of pigeon shooting as we know it? My stock of frozen will be used up as decoys and unless I can find another game dealer local enough birds will be left where they drop or I will stop shooting them. i don’t care how much I get for them either, it’s more important to me that they are used. If anyone knows of another game dealer local to Leicester, Northampton, Rugby or Ketttering direction I would be glad to hear of them. i have two well known “guides” in my area in Matt Cole and Toby Manners and it makes me wonder where all their birds go, perhaps I should contact them and try to find out
  12. Just a word of warning on aigles, firstly I had a pair of the original isos for about 7 years with heavy use, best boots ever so naturally when they sprung a leak I ordered the same only their new iso2 version, ordered the size 44 unusually small for me but same size as I had before and couldn’t even get my foot in! So ordered a 45, bigger but tight on the width, (I have wide feet) so ordered a 46, well they were huge so sent them back and ordered another 45 which I kept thinking they might “give” a little. They haven’t! I live in hope they will get better but I am so disappointed aigle have made such a big change to the original iso that fitted me like a glove
  13. JBS

    DFS Sofa sale pricing!

    Exactly so their sales aren’t really sales and I had my eye on this sofa for nearly a year with no price change, as it’s badged as French Connection I assumed they couldn’t put it in the half price sale and as it never came up on Black Friday we went for it for Christmas delivery
  14. JBS

    DFS Sofa sale pricing!

    So just to confirm after some good pigeon watch advice and a two minute live chat with DFS I’m £100 better off, Happy Christmas ?
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