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  1. I’d been using super steel in 4s which is a good shell, last time I couldn’t get them I used lyalvale precision steel, very very good shell again in 4s and I tried a few 3s which knocked down some unbelievable birds also tried the eley vip in eco wad 5s nice soft shell and the fives are surprisingly good on the decoyed birds, have really shot enough to really judge them. as far as comparison to lead I really don’t see any difference once you stop blaming any misses and winged birds on the cartridges! My average has actually been better since using steel No but thanks I’ll s
  2. Well it can be but for similar performance it’s more expensive and if you want eco wads it goes silly! The difference is that generally you can get something back for steel shot where as round here I don’t know of anyone that will take lead shot at all anymore
  3. I’ve tried in Facebook, apparently due to avian flu they are reluctant to use pigeons for food at the minute and as a result the big boys that supply them won’t take them either as they are full! I’ve given away lots on giving up the game, I really wanted to try and recoup some of the outlay for steel as it’s soooo expensive!!
  4. So last year I started shooting with steel so that the dead birds were easier to dispose of via what seemed abundant outlets, to my horror I still don’t seem to be able to empty my freezer! Has anyone got any ideas for disposing of steel shot birds more easily? I am Leicestershire Northamptonshire and Warwickshire borders if that helps!!
  5. A little update to say eventually i was paid back in full for the car, they have also let me keep their courtesy car for the time being as a gesture of goodwill which I think is the least they could do. As a side note, i was repaid by BCA or the British Car Auctions. I think this must mean that Sw car supermarket doesn’t actually own any of their stock and are simply selling cars on behalf of the auctioneers before they even get to auction. i can only advise anyone on here to steer well clear of them in the future!!
  6. As I already mentioned, they are very cleaver in their sales technique, they arrange a handover day with an appointment with their handover team, after being told on the phone it 100% ready and looking like new. They have a very glitzy showroom with hundreds of expensive very clean polished cars and that is how i expected mine to be after all why wouldn’t it? You get sat at a nice desk and asked nicely to pay the balance so they can present you with your new car, obviously that’s not always what you get!!
  7. This is a huge showroom with best part of 1000 cars over two sites, not really a back street dealer
  8. If only I had but they are an hour drive from me, I got a lift there and was left to do the paperwork, I was taken to a desk and told my car was ready and perfect. They have a very impressive showroom with a lot of high end cars all gleaming and you fully expect that is what you will get. Cleverly they make sure the money is paid before you see it!! Very easy to caught up in it all when you’re looking forward to a new motor!!
  9. I did this on Wednesday when I went to collect the car, I was there for five hours!! Sent the md a message last night and have emailed also but no replies
  10. Thanks, I didn’t realise there was an ombudsman, I’ve already threatened them with trading standards but to no avail. whenever I call they just say that they can’t authorise the refund and I need to speak to whoever and then they have an excuse and so on. Today they asked for my bank details for the refund but nothing came, they are a huge company and so I don’t understand why the wouldn’t just give me my money back and be done with it I told them on Saturday I would give bad reviews if they messed me about any more and they promised to ring me back on Sunday. They didn’t so I st
  11. So to cut a very long story short I bought an Audi Q7 10 weeks ago for best part of 20 grand. It took the dealer, Sw car supermarket three weeks to prep the car and when I picked it up some of the agreed work was incomplete, 5 days later they pick the car up and leave me a courtesy car, six weeks and lots of trouble later I return to pick the car up only to find it’s badly repaired and still is incomplete, not even cleaned, I leave the car at the garage and return home and write an email outlining my reasons for rejecting the car and that I want my money back. obviously I think that haven
  12. Can anyone help with schoffel shirt sizing? Are they generous like most other shooting brands? I always tend to find if I order the correct neck size the shirt is huge!!
  13. Good riddance to them, flooding social media with pictures of bags of hundreds of birds like it’s an every day occurrence, no wonder people want it banned when they advertise it the way they do. Plus a lot if not most of the people they take out couldn’t give a **** about the countryside or anything to do with it, that don’t even bother picking up all the empties and dump birds in hedges. All of which I have seen first hand
  14. Section 12. Definitions of this licence seems to cover most bases including stubble shooting in the “prevent serious damage” section As I read it though pigeon guides are definitely done for as the sales and consumption section states the licence does not cover commercial or recreational shooting of woodpigeon, good riddance to them
  15. The only good I can see coming from this is the potential end of pigeon “guides” who in my opinion do nothing good for pigeon shooting.
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