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  1. What size cartridges do you use for game & pigeon??
  2. Thank for all the replays! 👍🏻
  3. Thank for all the replays! 👍🏻
  4. Probally been done millions of times but going to ask again. What the pros & cons of a 20 Over a 12bore??? I brought a cheep 20 the other week & used it for the first time Friday on clay. I was really impressed, weight, kick etc. I wouldn't say I was hitting any less clays with it. Are 20's any good for game shooting/pigeons?
  5. It's a Parker & hale mod for a .22LR
  6. Hi guys. To cut a long story short my fac is up renewal. I'm NOT going to renew. I've sold my rifle buy the chap doesn't want the mod off it. Do I need to have a fac to have the mod in my possession??
  7. Me,wife & my boy are going! Never been before. Hopefully it will be a half decent afternoon out.
  8. High leg. I'm don't know how to put pictures on here. Any ideas??
  9. Hi mate. I know what you mean about some boots coming up big/small. I can honestly say these are a true size 9.
  10. I'm selling my USED Jack Pyke Hunter boots Size 9. Vibrant sole, thinsulate insulation. Worn a few times last season & they kept my feet warm & dry(few light scratches on the leather). Would be a great boot for someone just starting out. £35 + £7.50pp. Any question please massage me.
  11. Any one else having trouble with fleas?? Nothing seems to be working! I was using Frontline then the vet recommended Practic (not sure if that's how you spell it) I've sprayed the carpets in the house/dogs bedding! Any ideas??
  12. I was kinda thinking the same as you, glad you commented. Thanks.
  13. Thank you for that. Most helpful! :-)
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