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  1. Alfieri

    20 gauge Flush Chokes wanted

    No sorted thanks
  2. As per title I’m after some winchokes for a friend if anyone has any lying about. many thanks
  3. Alfieri

    20 gauge Flush Chokes wanted

    As per title: Flush chokes for 20 gauge Caesar Guerini wanted. thanks
  4. Alfieri

    LH Caesar Guerini Invictus Wanted

    As per the title: Im looking for a LH 32” Invictus Sporter if anyone knows of any SH. thanks
  5. Alfieri

    Stick Recommendations

    Thanks all
  6. Alfieri

    Stick Recommendations

    Hi All, I was in a shoot the other day and one of the guns had a sturdy v stick with a aluminim spike with a kick plate on (really sturdy for hanging coat or gun bag on) Has anyone seen these and does anyone know who makes these? thanks
  7. Reduced to £400 ono
  8. Alfieri

    Invector Plus Titanium Ectended Chokes Wanted

    Hi Dave Thanks for the offer but would like 1/2 and 3/4 but thanks for offer.
  9. As per the title I’m looking for 1/2, 3/4 or 5/8 Browning Invector Plus Titanium Chokes if anyone has any they want to move on. Many thanks
  10. Alfieri

    Extended Invector Plus Chokes

    All sorted. Thanks Richard.
  11. Alfieri

    Extended Invector Plus Chokes

    Hi to fit a Browning 525
  12. Alfieri

    Extended Invector Plus Chokes

    I’m looking for two external chokes INV+ 3/4 and full or similar if anyone has any. thanks Alfie
  13. Alfieri

    Teague Choke Key

    All sorted thanks.
  14. Alfieri

    Teague Choke Key

    As per the title and before I order a new key, has anyone got one laying about that they wish to sell? Thanks