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  1. Hi thank you. Is there a particular brand that you would recommend?
  2. Hi all, My lab is 8 and starting to suffer a bit from stiff joints now and again. Any suggestions for supplements? many thanks
  3. Hi For sale as no longer fits. Browning Dirty Bird Insulated wading jacket Removable hood Mossy Oak Blades 3xl Great jacket with or without waders and very warm. Warn once. £65 plus postage or collect Norfolk Suffolk Boarders
  4. So if Tightchoke is happy to take all and deal with Eyefor directly provisionally sold.
  5. Black Golds provisionally sold to Tightchoke. AlexBee if your local and still interested in just the .410s then let me know.
  6. Having a change and moving to steel for everything this year so clearing out remaining lead. 233 x 12g Black Gold 32g Fibre 50 x Fiocchi 3” .410 19g 6’s £65 Diss Norfolk
  7. Hi I’ve had great service when I used them but there was a post that they were away from the end of August until the 6th Sept as below so I’m sure they will respond once they are back.
  8. Hi As per the title I’m looking for an external IM or similar Carlson’s or Briley choke for my SX3 if anyone has any for sale. many thanks
  9. I will give it a read. Many thanks for your help
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a tested 3” Cheddite Steel Duck load for a 20g That they are willing to share. Many thanks
  11. As per title I’m looking for a 20g semi auto (non camo). 28” barrel Winchester, Benelli or Franchi ideally. thanks
  12. Apparently Browning made a few as a one off for one of the bigger gun shops.
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