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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking/pest control with my Ultimate Sporter and I'm a member of 2 wildfowling clubs on the Wash.

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  1. Ttfjlc

    Smart Meter

    Energy companies really don't help themselves at times with their call centre tactics, easiest Pro's are automatic meter readings, possibly cheaper bills and if you are suffering with high bills the SED/PPMID really does show you where the money is going. Cons vary from iffy signals, occasional software glitches, green flashing lights (yes I really did attend a job for that). Of course there are the scare stories about meters having the built in function to be cut off hence pay your bills otherwise someone will hover their finger over the 'off' button🙄 . Truth is I've attended far more e
  2. Ttfjlc


    @Mice! Is correct, I own an S510R Ultimate Sporter, 2 mags supplied, decent Q-tec silencer as standard, a very impressive shot count. It isn't the lightest gun but if you intend to shoot from a hide/car/sticks then that doesn't matter. The most impressive thing is the accuracy, I was testing my FAC air rifle at 60 yards when I thought I'd have a go with the US, first 4 pellets creating a cloverleaf on the target then I was humbled when the 2 other shots went a bit astray .
  3. Great write up and lovely photos mate
  4. Nice report mate patience paid off in the end.
  5. Someone said around £1050
  6. https://daystate.com/rifles/huntsman-revere/ Just seen this has been posted on the airgun forum so thought I'd share it on here, yes some will say it's a regal with a sidelever but I think it's gorgeous!
  7. Kamikaze squirrels whatever next @Mice!?! another enjoyable read mate
  8. He's not a member on here so you need to click on the link to gunwatch where you'll see his phone number
  9. Well done mate nice result 👍
  10. Had a hw100ks, loved the 5p groups hated the complete random flyers, it didn't like a dirty or a clean barrel, great mag and silky smooth side lever cocking, ultra pellet fussy and eventually discovered it had reg trouble, once sorted it went from loving jsb heavies to jsb RS but doubts wouldn't go away that I may have further trouble so it went. Would I have another? Probably not, least hassle I've had with any air rifle was a ridiculously boring & accurate S400.
  11. Be very careful if you look at pellpax, they haven't faired very well these last few months.
  12. @henry d with respect I doubt very much @Mice! is trolling, I've found him to be one of the much nicer members on this forum.
  13. Looks like you've been well rewarded for your efforts Stu
  14. Good shooting @Mice! and a nice report to read, those others I would bet on being dead in a hole somewhere. As for calibre and pellet choice don't mess about mate and go with FAC .25 you know it makes sense 😉, my air ranger hits with authority.
  15. I'm on AGF and my word people have some of the most gorgeous guns in their collections.
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