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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking/pest control with my Ultimate Sporter and I'm a member of 2 wildfowling clubs on the Wash.

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  1. I'm guessing the bit where the chokes have been opened up, motty is a fan of full chokes with steel
  2. Ttfjlc

    10 bore Reloader

    Morning all, I was wondering if anyone has any 10 bore reloading equipment they're looking to move on? I won't be using too many so a classic Lee loader would be considered as well as a sizemaster press for the ease of resizing/priming etc. Cheers
  3. Prices are all over the place, they do not seem to be fetching as much as the relatively scarce 10, I've emailed the maker of this product hoping they may make a 10 bore version
  4. this side of the pond mate, up for £175, tried a lower offer which was when I received the counter offer of £145, not going anywhere near that
  5. Indeed mate I would for a price like that, the Lee loader on eBay I could get for £145 🙄
  6. In my experience anything to do with electric & heating together means happy energy suppliers
  7. Whichever one fits you best pal, both very good guns for the job.
  8. Ttfjlc

    The Gentlemen

    One of my favourite movies of all time, it all started when myelf and fellow immature mate looked up at the board at the showcase in Peterborough and said, "wow! Theres a film called Snatch let's go watch that"
  9. That looks simply divine
  10. They are indeed mate, especially this one who likes to remind me when I've missed something.
  11. That's a cool looking fish according to my not yet asleep 8 year old son.
  12. Hopefully you still had a good day, it's bad enough being held up in normal circumstances even worse when you shouldn't of been held up in the first place.
  13. Doesn't sound very well organised, I take it no one from Sporting Targets was on hand to keep things in check?
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