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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking with my HW100 and I'm a member of 2 wildfowling clubs on the Wash.

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  1. PayPal friends and families isn't allowed pal
  2. Very true, I spent quite a bit of time looking at other ads to work out a figure to start with mine.
  3. Hi, this is the original cylinder off my Karbine manufactured in 2016, its in great condition, comes with a fill valve and I'm looking for £100 collected or £105 posted, thanks for looking.
  4. Yes been browsing on and off most of the day, waiting for my hw100 to sell before I let myself loose .
  5. Geez this topic took off in a way I hadn't expected, I think I'll stick to bismuth.
  6. Thanks for that, I had read people use it in old guns but mainly with plastic wads. Nice to know fibre is an option
  7. I was going to say 'non-fibre' to hoodwink the environmentalists but hey ho....
  8. You're about to become extremely popular....
  9. Don't know if it's just me but couldn't see fibre shot cups in 20g on clay & game.
  10. Geez Marshman you can even make a potential natural disaster story sound somewhat poetic.
  11. No worries, was hoping to load a few in the near future to simply stem the boredom until I can get out on the Marsh.
  12. Evening, I was just wondering if people have reloaded itx 10 with standard fibre wads? I've done a bit of research, plastic wads and fibre shot cups have been mentioned a lot but not much talk of traditional fibre wads. The reason for my question is I'm considering buying some itx 10 to load for a 20 bore, cheers.
  13. Great to see that stone hide again! Another great retrieve by Ted
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