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    South Lincolnshire
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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking/pest control with my FX Cyclone and I'm a member of 2 wildfowling clubs on the Wash.

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  1. all sorted 🤙
  2. Evening all I'm looking to get either a S510 carbine in a walnut stock or an Ultimate Sporter laminate in .177 calibre if anyone is looking to move theirs on, cheers.
  3. Ttfjlc

    slough council

    Hope not mate, if the remaining half go on the sick there'll be no one left
  4. Ttfjlc

    slough council

    Implications? Some of them will have to start working for a living
  5. Excellent shooting again with the added bonus of some dog work, will you be sticking with the blitzkings?
  6. Great account of your morning pal, good shooting especially to get 3 in quick succession 👍
  7. well done mate another good result for your efforts 👍
  8. Thanks mate much appreciated 👍
  9. Thanks Dave packing the cases is fine with the stuff I've got, I'll be shooting them through a sxs so no issues there. 👍
  10. Morning all, I was wondering if anyone has any 10 gauge RTO load data please? I have various components but the data I've found from ballistic products is for fold crimp and full length cases, in other words I don't know how much of the case to cut off and alter powder charge etc for RTO, cheers.
  11. Interesting findings villaman, I honestly thought they'd do better.
  12. Thanks mate but I have FAC now so not sure if @Arran-ashleywould be happy with that?
  13. Hi @villamanI've recently bought an FX Cyclone .177 FAC, I would be interested in seeing how well slugs could do, PM sent. 👍 @Mice!pretty much nails it, elevated shots are safer and it suits the distances I shoot too.
  14. Anymore details on them villaman?
  15. Ttfjlc

    Pard 007

    you're welcome mate thanks for the fast payment 👍
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