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    South Lincolnshire
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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking with my AA S400 and I'm a member of a wildfowling club on the Wash.

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  1. What a Start to 2018

    6 for 7 is great going, I'd be happy to shoot at 7 geese at the moment.
  2. What a Start to 2018

    I can't believe it took you TWO shots with a 20 gauge to get ONE goose
  3. .410 Non-Toxic

    ....whilst you have your pants down having a wee
  4. .410 Non-Toxic

    Getting too easy with the 20 gauge Boyd?
  5. You don't have to live Close

    It was a lovely Christmas mate, you want to be careful what you print, nobody will let you join!
  6. Fiat sedici

    I owned a Passat which had the odd electrical problem, didn't really associate German cars with electrical problems but no car is perfect, having looked on that site hey ho it was listed. another good site is carsurvey.org, it's an owner review site. The only thing to check for is to make sure it's a British review.
  7. Fiat sedici

    Have you tried 'honest John' for reviews? The only thing with that site is they do list everything that has gone wrong so you may end up never owning a car again.
  8. You don't have to live Close

    I think I'll start calling you Hansel from now on! lovely pictures mate.
  9. Non toxic Shot

    Thanks Figgy
  10. All round 4 wheel drive tyres

    I bought a set of geolander GO15 at's for my xtrail from black circles after great advice from this site, they're wearing well, not much road noise and the added bonus they're suitable for winter as well.
  11. Non toxic Shot

    Message sent pal
  12. Non toxic Shot

    Afternoon, my mum and I are looking to get my dad some tungsten/HW13 etc for his Christmas present, thought I'd ask on here to see if anybody has any for sale. Cheers
  13. Pinkfoot decoys

    Cheers pal I'll ask my dad and see which ones he'd prefer
  14. Pinkfoot decoys

    Thanks for the tip, I'll see if my dad approves, polite term is he can be a nightmare!
  15. How to know if your shotgun shoots steel shot

    Don't know why anybody would want to use that cheap and nasty steel anyway since it's only good to 30 yards max for duck, even less for geese....only joking, evening Boyd!