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    South Lincolnshire
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    I'm in a small DIY pheasant shoot, enjoy plinking with my AA S400 and I'm a member of a wildfowling club on the Wash.

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  1. Vodaphone Broadband

    I'm hoping you get good replies as we're changing to Vodafone's broadband on the 26th!
  2. Walther LGU

    Would that be the video where they only mentioned about 100 times it was a 'sandwell fieldsports tuned LGU' ?
  3. Daystate bits

    Hi, after part exchanging my huntsman classic I have a .22 10 shot magazine and a .22 Rowan engineering single shot loader for sale, £60 for both collected from South Lincolnshire or £65 posted.
  4. Molly plus a few

    I must say she really is a nice looking dog.
  5. Bombs away (Syria) ...

    I believe the 'Outside forces' to be mutants, watch the film 'Xmen: First Class' and you'll see it was some naughty mutants that caused the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  6. Fiocchi

    Not surprised, plenty of wet sloppy mud around.
  7. S400 MAGAZINE

    Hello, when I bought my S400 it came with a multishot adaptor kit, it seemed like a novelty at the time so used it for a while but then took it off. I mainly plink in my garden, it's. 22 calibre so I have no trouble loading pellets by hand. In a hunting scenario it would obviously have more appeal or if you use a .177 as I used one whilst on holiday and had trouble loading the smaller pellets with fat fingers.
  8. Please Please Help!!

    And funny how you should say that as I'd love to get the s510 ultimate sporter if and when funds allow.
  9. Please Please Help!!

    I'll warn you now though pal when you post a pic of a 40 yard grouping I'll be the first to say my £300 airarms s400 can match that.
  10. Please Please Help!!

    On a serious note I do look forward to seeing how you get on with it, I posted some pictures of my steel homeloads I did recently, obviously a lot different but the principle is the same, practice makes perfect and I listened to some great advice given to me. If you do pull off a few 5p groups at 40 or 50 yards early on no doubt some will be the gun but most would be down to you as it's you who's pulling the trigger.
  11. Terrible decisions

    Know how you feel pal, might be a 'first dog thing' as when my first dog died it was months before I got another dog and that was only because one of my dad's dogs passed away and we were left with one young dog between us, kind of spurred me on.
  12. Please Please Help!!

    Followed this with interest and I don't believe you've had it bad compared to some threads I have read, I'm sure you yourself would admit saying as a newbie, "only this gun is gonna be 100% more accurate than any other pcp air rifle out there" to seasoned shooters deserves a bit of stick. Like you say, your money your choice but with that kind of pricetag I hope you get heat seeking pellets thrown in.
  13. Alliant Steel Powder

    Phew that makes me feel a little better, I just thought it was because I was from 'the other side' of sutton bridge.
  14. OMV Press

    I agree that's what i had read, but the chap said a BN2 was good for steel, also UK Fowler on here said he used a BN2 and his cartridges look superb.
  15. Terrible decisions

    I know they say a dog is for life but what life will it have? Thing is you haven't been given any guarantees about the dogs future prospects after the operation so that alone would make my mind up. We're all in different circumstances finance wise, a customer once told me of a couple she knew that took in a rescue cat and up to that point had spent 5k on it! Another customer was telling me he and his wife have spent 9k on one of their dogs as it was 'part of the family', even though I was at work I still said I believed he was nuts but if he had the money then fair play, he told me he had the money for the first op but the second op they had to sell a load of stuff to afford it! The reason for these conversations was because I was once in the same position as you, had a cocker spaniel that was simply not right from the start. Dry eyes requiring drops, only one ball was present, the other simply never fell and would require an op but what did it for me was him losing weight to the point he'd growl at anyone when near his food, Vet said she believed his pancreas had packed up thus requiring special food and daily enzyme supplements, my eldest lad was in tears as he loved that dog but he got over it, I love dogs but even I know when to say that's it even though we do with a heavy heart.