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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys. Forums aren't for me though.
  2. I'm not going to flog a dead horse here guys. Enjoy your forum. Btw. Good post salopian.
  3. Zapp. If you use more choke,you have less room for error and are able to read your breaks better. With an open choke,sure you may be killing the birds but you may be 2-3 feet either way of centre pattern. Using a tighter choke,you'll miss or chip and therefore learn.
  4. So what.....they are! I was quickly shooting in the late 40's / 50 at straw balers. My first competition shoot I was humbled with a 60/100. But I also said,it depends on your goals. If your goal is to shoot as well as you can at 'straw balers' then great,you'll do well sticking with less choke. Competitions aren't for everyone and not everyone aspires to be at a high level.
  5. You need to tell me,because I've read it and re-read it and don't see a problem. I'm not going to debate this with you any longer.......I'M the one that has to laugh. EdSolomons. Thanks man.
  6. Using a tighter choke,you're acquiring a better sight picture of where you need to be in order to kill the bird. Less room for error. Where did I treat 'straw balers' (a term that I chose because it is thrown around here) with any disdain?
  7. Gordon R. This is why I say it depends on your goals. I dont just want to break clays,I want to downright grind them up,then I know my sight pictures and gun fit are smack on. I agree,there isn't a clay that can't be broken with 1/2 but "breaking" isn't my goal. What are you truly learning killing a 50yd bird with 1/4? I don't find it odd wanting to learn.
  8. Hey everyone,i've commented on a couple of posts,so thought i'd better introduce myself. Been shooting since April this year,I shot briefly as a kid 15-16,but only just came back to it :( I started out with a 525 30",then bought a 32" Cynergy (s*ite) and just bought myself a Browning Ultra XS Titanium 32" (awesome).I joined the CPSA about August time so am awaiting a ranking.Just shot a personal best competition score of 82 ex 100 at Wylye Valley today.Pretty chuffed about that! I live in the Southampton area and generally shoot on my own every weekend,or my fiance/friend/family m
  9. Depends where you shoot,what level you're shooting at and why you're shooting. If you're a 'straw bale shooter' looking to get a maximum score,1/4 & 1/4 will do you just fine.Similarly if you're a novice,you'll start with more open chokes. When you begin to improve,to refine your shooting skills,you'll need to choke up more in order to get better kills(more accuracy),test yourself and improve.So you may shoot your 'straw bales' with 1/2 & 1/2 or 1/2 & 3/4.Then progress on to competition,should you wish to. If you're a competition shooter,depending again on your level of
  10. No problem man,look forward to contributing more as and when I can
  11. IMO it depends what level you shoot at.Spitfire Shoot really caters for the novice,or people just out for the fun of it....all pretty easy targets. I've never shot at Owls Lodge,so can't really comment on that. There isn't a great deal in Southampton,but a short drive (45mins) to Wiltshire will have you at Wylye Valley or The Shooting Club at Upavon.Both very well run shoots and a good mix of targets.
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