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  1. Game cartridges Or semi auto , but only if they had the correct spot on there ticket
  2. ive got about 300 ELEY VIP GAME 28 gram 6s and a box of 5s also have 150 odd rio 24 gram 6s im looking to swap these for some 12 bore game cartridges as ive sold the 20 based in north london , or andover hampshire SGC holders or FAC with correct slot only
  3. of course , but would they give any tom **** and harry a 308 if he has a letter from a farmer asking him to shoot fallow even if he has no experience ? i think not
  4. its all down to experience , some people will only get RF on first time app , i got rf , cf and high capacity shotgun as well as an Open ticket on my grant but that was because i could show plenty of experience and valid reason for calibers
  5. livens gun shop did me a 243 set up ,contact them there good
  6. hello , could you pm me please ?
  7. HI could you pm me regarding one of the 12 gun ones please
  8. Hi , I have a Toyota RAV4 GX 1998 for sale i Have only recently bought it , but had some problems at home and urgently need the money ( and the insurance cost being 19 ) so will have to sell it sadly , was going to be my shooting veichel It’s the 1998 model , in silver has done 98000 miles , it’s silver and 2.0 L petrol Will get some pics tomo only issue with it is the driver door lock has an issue with unlocking after looking at others for sale in similar condition online there going for roughly £1000 I think £800 is fair Ono Cheers RAF
  9. I've just shot a load of 36g 6s I found and was pleasantly surprised with them !
  10. raphael262


    Would you send via RFD ? My mate would love this for his daughter starting out shooting !
  11. Is this still for sale ?
  12. I'll have those if there available ? Pm me pleaseeee
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