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  1. No I didn’t find them comfortable, there was a lot of light between lens and cheek.i actually asked for a refund.
  2. They worked in bright sun light, but following a bird from bright light to a dark background eg woodland, I then couldn’t see the bird for that split second, glasses were too dark.
  3. Joe180


    Hogs of fife,tweed gilet XLgrouse pattern.£30 posted
  4. Joe180


    Wanted 1/4 or I/c winchoke for 6500
  5. I don’t put the legs on my bergara I slot it on top of my plastic bucket brilliant.
  6. What’s killing my adult pheasants and just leaving wings, legs,spine,no meat left on it at all.
  7. Joe180


    Wanted 1/4 winchoke
  8. Brownells are doing these pins in stainless steel, five week delivery £74 inc. delivery.
  9. Don’t know why it’s asking the question again.?
  10. Joe180


    I have been told they are different.
  11. GW shooting services,permanently closed.
  12. Where can I purchase firing pins for my Winchester 6500 ,preferably stainless steel.
  13. Joe180


    I.C /quarter winchoke for 6500.
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