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  1. Joe180


    That’s all I wanted to find a gunsmith that could do it,so if the operation is a success,I will go back to shooting my perazzi bored 3/8&5/8 and use the 20bore to poke my wood burner 😁seriously thanks everybody for getting involved👍
  2. Joe180


    The stalking directory,shooting Uk, and GMK. Three big boys!
  3. Joe180


    All the big boys out there are advising not to use ANY STEEL shot through more than half choke.
  4. Joe180


    Why would you be reluctant to have it bored I’m going to have to go down that road if I’m going to use steel.
  5. Joe180


    I’m waiting for a shoulder replacement(I’ve been given November/ December 22 for operation)so I’ve bought this 325 g5 20 bore sporter hopingi can throw this about better than my 81/2lb perazzi don’t think changing cartridges would have helped. it is bored 1/2&3/4 ipatterned it over the the week end the 1/2 choke looked good but the 3/4 was all over the place so I thought about changing it for that reason and also for steel.
  6. Joe180


    Hi guys is there a gunsmith in my area that can bore my top barrel from 3/4 to 1/2 (20bore) I’m Doncaster s.yorks. Thanks.
  7. Just wondering what shoulder surgery did you have,I’m waiting for shoulder replacement.
  8. Joe180

    Clay cannon

    Clay cannon clay cannon for sale from A1decoys unwanted birthday present used once £75.00 delivered .
  9. Victure so easy to use and cheap enough.
  10. PayPal contacted them, and they sent me one that fits 👍🏻Thanks for asking
  11. I will have the last slab of hull
  12. I live in barnborough and interested in the hull cartridges
  13. Pm me when you get back I’m between Doncaster and Barnsley
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