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  1. I have just read the rules and it clearly states not to use mock bad language, so could some of you refrain from doing it. I do have a sensitive nature . Dennis
  2. David i don't think you are acting in the best interest of BASC, by responding to posts on these websites.....but like some of here you we all know who you are, the rest on here hide behind silly names......I don't think that sharing in the responsibilities of the administration of the sport is moving backwards, isn't that what self regulation is really about......The shooting bodies running this sport?...That is all i am advocating, it just ain't working letting shooters do it themselves .....I don't believe that the tests in place work, we need to up our game. amongst a small section of
  3. The arguments has always been should BASC and the CPSA be more involved in the licencing process....Should a shooter have to take a competance test before application to the police for a gun licence. Should a part of the condition of that licence be that its compulsary to be long to one or the other National Body, a lapse in membership means that you no longer want to own a gun....It all makes common sense, if you cannot afford membership you really cannot afford to shoot.....There are still far too many guns in circulation that are being kept for reasons other than sporting....I am a beliver
  4. To-night was the first time i had looked at other forums and read the comments from David at Basc......I am quite shocked at the paranoria surrounding any mention of changes to improve and preserve the sport. More shocking is Basc view that no changes are necassary . I only relayed what was told to me by this gun shop owner, i never had a clue that Germany had competance tests before issueing gun licences...I have been listening to the same paranoria on the radio from shooters stateside that they don't see any reason for change necassary . I am quite surprised that David at basc has got sucke
  5. I think Gordon if i really want to get the petition up and flying it would be fairly easy in the present circumstances, but it would draw support of the wrong kind. I went to a planning meeting this week, on the agenda was a proposal to build an Irish Travellers camp in basildon. The land was owned by basildon council and the councillors in light of all the agro at Dale Farm, granted planning consent, one member of the public asked if English Travellers could use it and one councillor retorted his remarks as almost racist. its proposed to have 15 pitches at a construction cost of £4,000,000 pl
  6. There are such shallow people on this website.....Robbie when you get to 65 and you can still cut the mustard, you want to shout it from the rooftops, because its all downhill from here on in....did i mention that i won gold in the World Sporting team event this year and Gold in the Home Internationals just in case some of you missed that post, and individual Gold in the Beretta World in 2010....The possitive planning consent that lead to me making a modest amount next year involved the infamous boundary dispute that led to me being arrested, so it was really special. But that is just a sideli
  7. Nobody says pumps don't have a use, its just they are useless for clayshooting and should not be allowed. I ran one of the biggest websites in the sport for 5 years, i used to write for the main stream magazines, so of course i got to know everyone in this sport. I would never posted contensious issue on websites if the sport was run ok, but my sport wasn't, it had major issues ....I have done my bit to change the sport for the better, i don't think things would have changed if i hadn't . Gordon instead of just condeming every post i make, try to come up with alternitives, be your own man.
  8. Now we all know what has happened over the other side of the pond is unrelated to what happens over here, but in the Government and public perception they are linked, because we have had the same things happen over here, no matter how we try to distance ourselves from it we all know its another nail in the coffin of this sport. Do we as a sport try to get our act together and manage it better or let it drift along in the hope that others will give us a lot of leaway. In my book if you are a serious shooter, we want you in the sport. If you are someone who wants the kudos of owning a gun beca
  9. Who said there were plans before parliament or that there are any changes to shooting legislation....Do you think Basc or any other national body will admit to anything until there are results or things on the table, i can only relay what i have been told by an authority in the sport. Dennis
  10. Being a copper Gordon you would know a lot about vague side of brains, its a precondition of joining the force. I don't know are they banned by the CPSA ? if they are not they should be...I have been asked not to metion the changes that the national bodies are involved in, its best to ask the questions directly . Dennis
  11. What really disappointing is that no one has made any proposals as to how we can make this sport safer in light of this incident, there are so many anti change merchants its no wonder that it ends up with authorities taking action without consultation. We had the first major incident that lead to a ban of semi automatic guns after Hungerford without consolation, no notice was given to so called enthusiast. Dunblane lead to the banning of hand guns without consultation and by the skin of our teeth the last outrage involved shotguns never lead to direct action but as I found out it had indirect
  12. I have been in this sport as a competitive clayshooter for nearly 40 years, Sporting has always had a certain attraction, in that its always been a non conformist discipline, it doesn't follow the strict codes that some of the other disciplines in this sport do, as such there has always been problems with controling it by the shooting bodies that govern the sport....If they could in someway seperate this element they would , but its the core of the whole sport, so all they can do at best is offer guidlines in it and hope everyone has a good idea of there responsibilities. Is that good enough f
  13. There are times when shooting a going away clay is missed with the first shot and its impractical to re-load in time to get a second shot off, so they are not of much practical use in clay shooting and were never really manufactured for this role, no serious clayshooter would ever entertain using one, i don't know anyone that uses one on the circuit. I personally have not seen one used in the past 20 years other than Biddy for his display shoots. From a personal point of view i would never even entertain shooting on a squad with someone using one. To me it would demonstrate that he was not as
  14. Well lets see Gordon, I had a bad stutter from a very early age, they reckon I got it because the Nuns in the Convent Catholic school I was taught in made me write right handed, and I was dyslexic on the plus side I can use both hands equally and stuttering has always been a real problem and has held me back, but it makes you try harder, a disability ain’t always a bad thing. Although a promising artist ( stuttering can make you go into a shell). Kids in those days were really cruel. Teachers used to think that making you stand up in class reading and bumbling your way through was doing
  15. He had just spent over a million on his house with my company, i was selling this braclet and he was looking for a present for his daughter, in his custom he felt it was a gift, he just lost the plot. I don't know why he did it, he just looked foolish in court. It must have cost him a packet but it was just a small claims court hearing and no representation is allowed, he still owes me 60 G , i could let it go but i'm retiring this year and may need the dough to top up my pension or treat myself to a new gun , i hav'nt bought one yet although i was going to Italy to get measured up for a perra
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