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  1. Hi All, Just to keep you all in the picture, I've posted calls out for all the payments I've received so far, I haven't sent out individual pm's as I'd be here for ever replying to everyone, Thanks,
  2. Right Then guys and girls, I'll be picking up an order of these calls tomorrow, I'll pm all who contacted me with payment details. Many thanks for your time,
  3. I've had a few requests for these now, I'll pick some up in the next couple of days and let all who's interested know, cheers,
  4. can't follow your link mate, but..... these really are a doddle to use, I don't get on with the shepards call type thing at all, with this you simply hold it in your mouth and blow, if you want to change the sound then gently bite down a bit, its as easy as they come,
  5. for those who asked......, you use it hands free, blow and you can alter the pitch by varying the strength of the blow and by biting down slightly on the call, if you look on their web site I think the feedback speaks for its self, cheers,
  6. Hi All, I just wondered if anyone would be interested in buying any of these calls, I use them and I know others that do too, everyone who does use them thinks that they're fantastic to be honest. I know the person who makes them and can get some from him trade, I'll do them at £10 including P&P (thats the cheapest you'll get them anywhere including any discount) so if anyone is interested let me know and I'll pick some up, cheers,
  7. Why??:lol:? :look: cheers for the other replies fellas but I'm looking for something a little more substantial than those suggested, Thanks. :yp:
  8. we're talking about mincing carcases, (rabbit, chicken etc) for the dogs,
  9. Hi All, I'm looking for a decent size mincer, new or second hand as long as it's in decent nick, must be capable of mincing carcases (rabbit, chicken etc) cash waiting for the right machine and I don't need permission from me mum, Cheers,
  10. Can who ever bought it let us all know if it turns up. only there has been a lot of un-happy customers of this guy on other sites,
  11. here you go mate, Cur = dog of mixed type, especially one that is frightening or fierce. it could be used in a derogatory sence but that's mainly an american thing, it more describes a mixed breed dog (ie, Lurcher) used for hunting purposes. ps....NCS, hows the pooch? all good I hope.
  12. Now Now Blackthorn! I don't want to start getting personal about some of the 6 toed, web fingered types I know from Cov, and "Bedworth" ("Beduf")......."Nuneaton" etc etc,
  13. LB, Not me mate, he must have just found the same avatar, :thumbs:
  14. NTTF, They are both Minshaw dogs mate, here is a pic of the dam, I don't think the owner will mind as he's posted the pic himself somewhere else, x
  15. Well.... I'm in talks with someone on another site who's got a cracking looking proven working bitch, just had a litter of pups to an equally fine looking proven sire, I've seen photos of both the dam and sire and the pups I'm taking the huge drive up to Cumbria on Monday, :thumbs: I'll keep you posted, :wacko:
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