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  1. Thanks guys I will have a look, they did have some on ukshoot warehouse but didn't want to pay £6 postage on something that only cost £4!
  2. I have an AADecoy rotary machine, last week both the wing spreaders snapped off - I have had a look on their site and they did sell spares but everything seems to be out of stock, have they gone out of business? Can anyone please suggest an alternative that will fit the AA rotary.
  3. Shooting over some laid barley tomorrow. All the laid patches that the birds are feeding on are in the middle of the field. Was thinking about going really light, just keeping low on one laid patch with some floaters and a few decoys in another, no hide - what would everyone else suggest.
  4. Oops new I would forget something - sat 15th October.
  5. Hi all, I have a few pegs left on one of only two let days on our family shoot. 150 bird day, £420 per gun (£28 per bird) price includes lunch. Own transport preferable - the shoot is based a few miles outside Chelmsford, Essex. Please Pm for further details.
  6. Does anyone know where I can buy a stock key for an mk38. Is it a standard tool, or a specialist piece of kit.
  7. Hi all, I am going to Peak District with the family in early October and would like to get a little bit of shooting in. Up for anything from a flight on a pond, walked up day or a small ish driven day within easy reach of Matlock. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks magman, I will give it a try
  9. Yeah I have to shut one eye at the last second. I try and keep both eyes open as long as possible. When taking them further out are you swinging right through the bird or just blotting it out with the barrel?
  10. Hi all, hope you all had a good season. I had my first beaters day the weekend just gone and I have another one this Saturday. I had a great day and shot some nice birds but anything that was straight over my head got a two barrel salute and flew on by! Now I have no trouble shooting straight driven clays off a tower so what's the deal. Any advice would be welcome, I would like to try and make dividens next weekend!!
  11. I have been a few times over the last couple of years, as its wild birds you really can't have any gaurantes. There is generally a showing of birds, sometimes a lot sometimes a few. But it also depends on your neighbour you do get a lot of inexperienced shots who shoot at birds well out of range and scare everything off! Don't suppose anyone knows of any other local opportunities?
  12. Ok thanks guys I will do that, and see if it makes a difference.
  13. I was getting a little annoyed that I kept missing pigeons that had landed in the pattern. Subsequently I pattern platted my winchester Sx3 and it shoots about a foot higher than my point of aim. Is this normal, have I got a problem with gun fit. I know most guns shoot a bit high but this seems quite a lot.
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