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  1. Cracking. Love it up on the Soleway not been up for a few years magical place.
  2. Not bad, young sir. Part two out on the mud
  3. But these won't be live & and any scrip will have to be signed off by the pc bod. We like live remember the 5 Star phone in 🤣🤣.
  4. Never gonna be as funny as the original, as have to be pc now.
  5. Or come to the UK and the few i've seen up for sale at £130,000 plus. But i do think they look sexy as hell.
  6. I love the 1st day. just to be out on the marsh again, was out on the marsh two hours before first light. Could hear a few duck coming off a flight pond. Did not even lift the gun all morning as the few duck i did see was too wide of us or flappers. Was next to the car having a bacon roll with the guns in the boot and 50 0dd grays came over the top of us about 30yd up 🤬🤣. Always another flight.
  7. fse10

    1st time

    we have one on my club lake that flies along like a pelican and scoops the fish up.
  8. And buy the shirt. The club will make back that fee in world wide shirt sales.
  9. A gun shop near me told me that they where not coming into the country any more as trading standards now classed it as a powerful laser so could no longer be sold.
  10. wonder if they fitted a stop/start spec battery when they fitted the new one.
  11. Why are some of you scared to admit we shoot for fun and we enjoy it.
  12. The only reason that mask wearing has come in, is to try to give joe public confidence and get them back out into shops to spend. If masks are that effective we could of all worn one and not have had to go into a three month lock down.
  13. fse10

    European bison

    Take it's horns off wipe it's butt & plate it up .
  14. No laws for heat if working outside or driving only for indoors. I've been lumping washing machines up to fourth floor flats today and was at least five degrees hotter in the stairwells i was dripping wet. I've got three lorry loads to shops on Monday and think i'm in a hire lorry with ac 🥶.
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