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  1. Yep, all day every day 3in none locking. Only time i don't is if i'm going to the airport on holiday.Seems daft that i'm trusted with firearms but cant be trusted with a lock knife.
  2. Can't see why the uk will go along with this if we leave the EU just sums up how FUBAR we have become. We keep moaning about being made redundant yet we keep working on more advanced A.I systems for all kinds of stuff. Have a feeling it will not end well.
  3. Just brought a fly rod & reel off evil bay £58 9ft 8/9 weight as am going to Cuba in May & the hotel has mangroves behind it with Tarpon in .
  4. We should let them all come back free plane ticket home fill the plane then stick a SAM up it's back end job done.
  5. Blimey i feel blessed. I have three big wheelie bins food/garden, general waste & recycling which they collect each week.
  6. Well done to you both. Only ever seen two Pochard on my flight pond when i did not have the gun with me. Thought they had been taken of the list now?
  7. I work for one of the biggest if not the biggest white goods companies in the world & fine this on some of our products that the leads are getting shorter. Pain in the backside when trying to plug something in, in someones kitchen . Think it's a cost saving thing myself.
  8. fse10

    What a mess!

    Same way they do in Saudi .
  9. That would mean the police/cps doing something & as plod can't even turn up for break in's cant see them doing much. Also whoever thought it was a good idea to sell them before Hallowean. Sorry i think they should be banned apart from public events.
  10. fse10

    Heart Bypass ???.

    Hi Ronnie, at least you now know why you've been feeling so ruff. You should be on the mend & back over in no time take care bud speak soon. Paul.
  11. Welcome to PW. How did you get on? Thinking of getting one for my 22lr &/or my HMR.
  12. Yep that's the way i read it so you may get away with a pump seems to be a bit of a gray area, & i would not want to be the one to test it in court. Most of the time by the time you get a 4th or 5th shot off the ducks/geese would be out of range. But then again i have shot five pigeons one after the other with my M2 so is doable . But the question would also be is it sporting to shoot ducks with an S1 ? We have some strange laws in this country 🙄.
  13. You can't use an S1 for wild fowling as is against the wildlife & countryside act . Even if you only put two in the mag or put a plug in the tube.
  14. Have you tried Romford rifle & pistol club?
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