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  1. Also i tend to shoot mine with less of a rest this time of year as the end of the season nears. As i rest it for two weeks between shooting at the start & mid season but if i do that now would only shoot it a few more times & as theirs up to a 100 plus ducks coming some nights it wont effect it much. That looks a lovely bit of ground you have up there, would love to live there but swmbo said it's too cold 😥.
  2. So who i work for on the news today for a recall on some Hotpoint & Indesit washing machines. So if any of you have our products if you go on https://washingmachinerecall.whirlpool.co.uk when it works as the 3rd party web provider is having issues & the site is down. It will give you a list of effected models. If you open the door should be a sticker with mod number & serial number on it, if you enter this info it will tell you if yours is on the recall list & what you need to do. Looks like i might be a tad busy..Also they will not start the recall until January.
  3. My supernova mag is crimped but also had a plastic rod in it. I was wondering why i could not get two 3 1/2 shells in it so took the clip at the end of the mag tube out & out popped the rod.
  4. fse10

    First for me.

    I was just feeder fishing had loads of roach up to 1lb 8oz. Did not fish to well in day light was better first light & into dark as the water was so clear, six foot deep off the bank & could see the bottom.
  5. fse10

    First for me.

    Was fishing over the weekend at Horning on the bure. Saw what i first thought was a skien of geese, as it got closer thought they might of been cormorants as they did not call. Then as they drew closer their flight didn't look right. As they got over head i could they started calling not a call i knew, As they came a bit lower could see their long legs behind them well first time i've seen Cranes all 24 of them. Wish i had my camera with me.
  6. fse10

    Black Fox

    Not a black one, but saw a white one over my fishing lake. Put the gun up but did not take the shot, just watched it trot off.
  7. fse10

    Essex lorry deaths

    Very sad indeed. About 400 yrds from where i work. Drove passed this morning still closed off with eight police cars & three news van's parked up. Thought the police had said they had moved the trailer to Tilbury docks to remove the bodies.
  8. Put the O ring on after the piston before the barrel. The ring sits in front of the gas ports when the barrel is in place so the gas can only go backwards to the piston.
  9. I was only their that morning. £2 mil worth of damage & five little toerags arrested.
  10. That's because he made two mistakes he didn't finish the job, and he didn't dig a hole.
  11. Really well. Loves a nibble which hopefully she will grow out of. Loves meeting new people & dog's. Sleeps all though the night house trained from the day we picked her up,sit's on command good on the lead. Looking forward to her getting older so i can start training her.
  12. Most double ovens need to be wired in with 6mm twin & earth. The smaller single ovens some have plugs some still need hard wiring. I work for Whirlpool/Hotpoint & deliver & connect these daily.
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