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  1. fse10


    Oh well no loss see ya.😘
  2. I just wish we could use the water canons that they spent loads on. Could fill them with a stinkbomb dye then would be able to round them up & arrest them as & when.
  3. Should of just sat still with hand brake on. As by rolling towards them caused them fear & panic poor little snowflakes. So plod nic's him instead of moving the numpties that are holding people against their will.
  4. Oh ******, should of read all the post's as just clicked on the link and brought one.
  5. love to be at the front of the que with them blocking mt way full rev's in a dirty diesel just sat still. .
  6. That would be coz they don't give a rats back end about the birds. They just don't like people the shoot/hunt, and will do whatever their twisted minds come up with to try to get it/us banned.
  7. Not seen any jack's like that but have shot a lot of crows like that, one i shot had pure white wings.
  8. Sure i read some where it's a no no. And they only let you put them into attached garages that have a internal door from your house into them.
  9. I'm a delivery driver also & have had a fair few tickets over turned as they have put tickets on when the tail lift has been down & i'm doing a delivery just send in the customer delivery note info to show was making a delivery at said number in said road . Thing i hate is when you turn up at a trade delivery & shoppers have parked in the loading/unloading space's so you have to park behind them & you get a ticket but they do not ticket the shoppers who should not be parked in the unloading bay WITH the big sign that's says loading/unloading only. Had many a row with parking wardens over this. 😡. Think it takes the wee wee you have to pay to park on the road where you live. If any thing they should issue you with free resident parking permits & ticket everyone else.
  10. I pick mine up next weekend. Will be my first gun dog can't wait. All of her line are working spin's.
  11. I had to have a signed off bit of land for the grant, but then had it put on my fac that i can use it on any land i have permission on.
  12. home delivery driver for Whirlpool (Hotpoint, Indesit ).
  13. fse10

    A-TEC mods?

    Have one on my 17hmr works fine.
  14. Might be as it's Ireland. Not sure i would want to be walking about in camo with an AR15 , AK look a like over there.
  15. Could also try going into settings & click on configure satellites.
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