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  1. If she has been using the hot tap before hand, it could be a faulty diverter valve in the boiler.
  2. Big dog fox this morning over my club lake. First shot with my new shotgun. 73.
  3. I've just brought a 4m x 2.4m metal flat pack container which at a later date will add another as you can join them together . Was gonna get the 4m x 6m but at 3.5k was a bit too much for my liking also would have taken up the whole bit of garden to the side of my house. Nice and strong as will house all my tools and about 8k worth of fishing gear so wanted something a bit stronger then wood. Also if i ever want to move it a few not's and bolts and it's apart.
  4. I did have about 10 years ago, but never put it to use so never renewed it.
  5. Hope your keeping well Ronnie, i have Hawke on both my hmr & 22 no complaints . Paul.
  6. Twice when i have been to Orlando on holiday, i think i was at that range more then i was at the parks. Dropped wife and kids at the parks and went here. Must of done $1500 plus on gun hire and ammo loved it as an ex pistol shooter. Loved the 50ae desert eagle, 500sw was a bit of a hand killer.
  7. After looking at cost's think i will go with blocks. As i can do it in stages. Will check to see if i need planning. I live on an end terrace and have a large L shaped garden so workshop will be to side of house out of view from any neighbours with only a 40mph bypass to my side. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Hi gent's, any one used a shipping container as a workshop in their garden. If so did you need planning for it as it's not a permanent building. I want to stick two next to each other and cut though and make one 20x16 workshop as will be cheaper then a block built . Will be 4ft from side of house and on a boundary with a bypass which has a verge of about 10ft between my fence & kerbside. Regards.
  9. Hope you are keeping well Ron. Because one brand has been to the moon & worn by 007. Sold my seamaster 8yrs ago wish i had kept it as price's have skyrocketed. Wanted another quality Swiss watch so got myself a Tudor black bay very nice. Paul.
  10. Dog fox this morning head shot @50m with my CZ 455 22lr as was out for walk round my fishing lake and was all i took with me. =30.
  11. Was not good in Kent blew my lorry off the road took out four small tree's a power pole , hit a big tree that stopped me from rolling down a six foot bank into a pond.
  12. Problem is one mans joke is another's insult. Haven't heard any gypsies complain about it. Thought the Netflix show was as funny as expletive. Hope he's as on form when i see him tomorrow night.
  13. If they are standing at side of road, i would carry on as normal and they can cross after i've made my turn. Have you seen how busy the streets in London are? You would never get anywhere with having to stop at every turn.
  14. This is all well and good until the car/lorry up you back end isn't watching and bang . Having to drive a lorry round must of the SE of England and a fair bit in London can see this causing no end of RTC'S and road rage,
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