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  1. Where can I purchase some at £7 please ?
  2. Sorry to hear that! hope they find their way back!
  3. There is no way I can catch my 10 month old cocker!!
  4. Thanks for the response Hedge, that is my next plan. Also Bigbird kind gave me a few tips over the phone. Much appreciated!
  5. If I can chase him down, presumably a scruff would be appropriate. But if he does come back albeit after knackering him self out, I still need to praise this.
  6. Yes I think going back to a long line could help, it would at least prevent the opportunity to run off. Just difficult for him to quarter in cover or do longer retrieves with a line on. Does anyone think getting him into a rabbit pen or the like would help to make scents more natural and not have this negative effect on occasion ?
  7. yeh I have been trying to keep him that way over the past few weeks, on the lead walking to heal or training. The breeder says his Dad around 2 and half years old now, does this occasionally also, so seems it is in the genes too
  8. I have let him free run before yes. This can happen at any time, when out training, on a walk, just going to the car, he might see a crow out in the field behind my house and go after it. :(
  9. Thanks for the feedback. In terms of training going well, aside from this issue, what I meant is that, he sits on the whistle, comes back to the whistle, changes direction when quartering on the whistle. Marks and Retrieves well etc I can have him sit up, through a dummy out, send him off for it, stop/sit whistle then call him back, then send him out again. All really great. But this problem when he bolts off, he doesn't listen to anything, he just has his nose down and runs and runs until he tires himself out. It is like a different dog during these episodes. I can try and chas
  10. Hi Guys, just looking for some advice. Got a 10 month old cocker everything is going well training wise. The issue he has tho is that if something catches his attention - Deer Scent/bird flying overhead or getting up. He will chase it, typically a bird will out run him but he will then switch into a hunting mode with his nose down and will run rings around a field, ignores anything shouting/whistling (this is the main problem, nothing will change his attention) until he burns him self out of energy (this can be 10/15 minutes), is when he will stop and then listen to a call to come back. Lo
  11. Hi Guys, is this just on at the weekends ? or any week days ?
  12. You can stick a pin into the squeaker, to break the squeaking bit and stop it squeaking, bit fiddly but doesn't take long. Did that for Finley's toy.
  13. Thanks, I am not too worried he's a bold pup, not been scared of anything so far. Also, can sometimes hear the clay range in the garden. I just thought it seemed like not a bad idea, wondered about the name of the CD so I will have a look. Planning to take him back to the breeder and put him in the back of the truck with his mum dad and sister, and shoot a few clays with the .410 to get him used to it.
  14. Hi Guys, when I was out shooting on Monday someone mentioned to me that they had used a CD with shooting noise etc on it to introduce their pup to gun fire. Just wondering if anyone else had done this and would recommend a particular CD to use ? Cheers, Dan
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