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  1. repair neoprene wellys

    Aquasure, it's what it's made for. http://outdoor.mcnett.eu/outdoor/aquasure-urethane-repair-adhesive-sealant/
  2. Tweed manufacturing

    I bought a lovely 3 piece tweed shooting suit (half Norfolk, waistcoat & plus 4's) off Ebay a couple of years ago, a heavyweight brown herringbone, with subtle ginger and claret lines and a forest green in the weave by Brocklehurst's of Bakewell. The guy I bought it off had it made to measure and it fits me well. I also got married in a 3 piece tweed suite last summer. Shooting Suite. Wedding suite - This is an off the peg one to see what it looked like, but mine was made to measure in the same tweed.
  3. Commissar Corbyn

    Should have taken him for a walk out to Scroby sands and left him there.
  4. Commissar Corbyn

    And despite the jovial piccy, that is the scary thing.
  5. Shooting times

    Nah, the Mrs has it on subscription. Indebted for the concern though .
  6. 2 boxes of Star Wars Lego sealed in box

    Yes, please. PM for you.
  7. Shooting times

    Read it this morning on the train. Mildly amusing.
  8. Lure fishing

    A friend used to do quite well on Chew with a small Cisco shad.
  9. Never seen as many

    You have my condolences. But on the bright side, at least you got out again. Always a few about either side of the 414 before the two petrol stations. That big wood at the back helps.
  10. Commissar Corbyn

    Sorry, but it needs to be aired occasionally, just to remind us how unsuited for government this pair are.
  11. Commissar Corbyn

    Just for you Walshie. This needs an airing every so often!
  12. Commissar Corbyn

    With Abbot as pillion, going downhill! I should say so.
  13. Wildfowling Coat - any new ones to buy?

    I'll show you something that might be of interest on Saturday.
  14. Lure fishing

    Dunkield, a recent trip to a southern chalk stream produced the three fish below in similar cold conditions. I used small dead roach under a float, slowly trotted and bounced very tight along the marginal glyceria (floating sweet grass). In cold conditions, pike may be less inclined to chase lures.
  15. Help Required In Picking The Right 4 x 4 PLEASE

    MM, Toyota Rav4. I had a 05 and would still have it if I hadn't had the money for a Hilux. My dad bought a 07 Rav 4 after his Audi A1 was written off. He loves it and can now get round the shoot with ease. He is 75.