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  1. Penelope


    Oh, god, please don't mention the truth!
  2. BASC Permit Scheme, page 7 https://basc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2019/08/Wildfowling-permit-2019.pdf
  3. The Hurlingham Cup used to be shot at the West Kent Shooting School in Paddock Wood in the early 90's. Shot once and did very well. Yes, GM, I did dress for the occasion.
  4. Listen to your guide and ask questions. Make sure your waders are not too big, it's not fun walking out of them when crossing a gutter.
  5. Popularised by US porn stars, hence the moniker.
  6. I think that he is further inland that, but I don't how far this hurricane has impacted.
  7. Penelope


    Do tell; I don't like the smarmy little oik.
  8. I hope that you have not been affected. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/06/us/hurricane-dorian-friday-wxc/index.html
  9. Penelope


    Fluro/Merlin combi rig should do it!
  10. I always thought that it derived from US female porn ‘actresses’ who had a tattoo on the small of there back. Also known as slag tags.
  11. Penelope


    Best thing to happen to Rhodesia.
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