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  1. It's not going to go away; with us for good now.
  2. Repeats that you can pay for once again on a special repeats channel.
  3. What is it they say about getting beaten by experience?
  4. Black lives matter except when they are shooting and stabbing each other over drug turf, postcodes, trainers, etc, etc. You don't see the 'community' protesting over that! Get you own house in order!!!!!!!
  5. The feeders in my garden. 7 in total, although the jackdaws, Starlings and Magpies have emptied the peanut and meal worm feeders.
  6. 5 baby canaries here; hatched on Sunday.
  7. It's all right, they've made a plate!
  8. I met him at Crufts a couple of years ago whilst waiting for our wives to come out of the loos. Come over as a lovely bloke.
  9. The whole dialogue from the 'Sicilian' scene from True Romance. A right FU! It's twuu, it's twuuu.
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