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  1. It's all right, they've made a plate!
  2. I met him at Crufts a couple of years ago whilst waiting for our wives to come out of the loos. Come over as a lovely bloke.
  3. The whole dialogue from the 'Sicilian' scene from True Romance. A right FU! It's twuu, it's twuuu.
  4. Penelope

    Dog fun.

    👍 Excellent!
  5. My canary hen started to build yesterday, she'll be finished today and I guess the first egg by the end of the week as I have seen the cock tread her a couple of times.
  6. Birds of a feather.
  7. Lancer does tend to look at this from a purely wildfowling/reloading angle, only.
  8. BASC smacked us round the head with one when we weren't looking.
  9. This old boy, he takes away game for processing? For whom or what? Hardly unwanted, if he is processing it, is it?
  10. A great tribute. Mind the sticking fingers.
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