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  1. Erudite as usual. 👍
  2. Me too this coming season, hopefully.
  3. Great write up, again. Whitefronts; A & O, or a Broadland club?
  4. DJ Calls '66'. A new model of the old Olt Sonderman 66. Cedar wood single reed call, very easy to use.
  5. Ah, the ol' Isabella special. Not been pulled out since 1327.
  6. Oh, come on Gordon, given what this thread is about, you're either being a pedant or just baiting for an arguement; neither is good form.
  7. I did, Gordon. It was obvious he wasn't talking about his home in the context of your question.
  8. How refreshing. Thank you.
  9. The Ukrainians are condcting what they are calling the Úkrainian Safari; civilians are taking down all of the roads, so the Russian forces cannot use them to find there way around. From a Ukrainian work colleague.
  10. I'll watch it later, but Starky usually talks a lot of sense.
  11. Too be fair, you asked the silly question, Gordon, out of the context of this thread.
  12. 15 billion dollars a day, I have heard quoted.
  13. What, like Hunter's? I suppose he has first hand knowledge 😆
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