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  1. Isn't that generally the way of so called 'liberals'?
  2. I haven't found anything, but I have sent Diggory Haddoke an email via the site, asking for an update.
  3. Gordon Brooooon to thank for that. They pay billions of taxpayers money to private companies in PFI deals just to keep debt 'off-books' and pretend debt is falling and never invest in anything until it is too little too late just to save their skins.
  4. Farewell and adieu! Although she ain't Spanish and certainly not fair!!!
  5. Here's another for you, then. https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/an-open-letter-to-zac-goldsmith If fact, I have just done likewise. I'll keep em coming. https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/dunning-kruger-and-conservation-isues
  6. I use and have used in various guises for angling. https://www.banktackle.co.uk/pva-products-80-c.asp
  7. A pet hate of mine. Sea Mackerel, anyone, or perhaps some sea cod? Sea Bream (a perciform) I can get, to differentiate from the Common or Bronze and Silver Breams (cyprinids) which inhabit fresh water.
  8. Why would a deformed mouth stop it from being the record? AE?? If you need any practical help on the roach front???😉3's from running and stillwater.
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