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  1. Could have possible if it was an auto, and this was in the US whee autos predominate.
  2. Penelope

    Le Tour

    I'd still want him in yellow in Paris though.
  3. Penelope

    Le Tour

    Wow!!!! Chapeau Alaphillipe!!! Vive le France!!
  4. Barbel do seem to suffer from otter predation. A crying shame about those Leneys.
  5. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/screen-3d-kamo-r-hunting-hide-id_8282544.html https://www.decathlon.co.uk/hunting-umbrella-camo-br-id_8192599.html
  6. Ah, but all eastern flowing rivers in England were supposed to have held them at one point, dating back to the end of the last ice age when, what is now the Rhine, ran through the plains that are now under the North Sea. Now, if it was from the Hampshire Avon you could have a point . The massive, Great Ouse and Ivel fish. I bet the Wensum has suffered too from otter predation. A cracker, sir. I have fished pretty much every river that holds them, south of the Great Ouse for barbel. Wonderful fish.
  7. Is that the big field that drops down the hill, adjacent to the Hadleigh Road? I assume they have the fields alongside the C2C railway line, on the north side? Lots dropping in on the standing wheat yesterday evening as I went passed on the rattler.
  8. Of course, there is nothing so il-liberal as a liberal with an agenda.
  9. I was under the impression this is only required if you are preparing the birds and not selling in the feather.
  10. With one hobbling. We knew them as dutch arrows.
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