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  1. Medical certificates for 5 year driving licences

    Oh, you do make I laugh
  2. Shoot cancellation insurance.

    You have to join their Triple Barrel scheme first. I spoke to AIM but as it was single day I was advised that the premium would be very expensive in comparison to a season's cover, although I did find something through Mellerups, who's details are also given on the BASC site.
  3. A sad failure and a New Pup

    I look forward to that and one that I shall ask the Mrs to add to the Christmas list.
  4. Side by Side Club

    I believe that was called the 'Brent'.
  5. For the English lads

    I have always said that I would rather have 'Alfred's Day'.
  6. For the English lads

    It's a boy. Shame the other one is called George.
  7. Curlews

    Taken off of the quarry list in 1981.
  8. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    Linnet or Greenfinch perhaps?
  9. For the English lads

    The roots are a diuretic.
  10. Does anyone know of an insurance provider that covers shoot cancellation insurance? I shall be booking a day's driven grouse shooting for October in the Yorkshire Dales to celebrate my 50th year on this planet, which is not cheap, so want to cover all possibilities.
  11. Side by Side Club

    All done, that was taken this time last year.
  12. Side by Side Club

    I don't but can do. I shall be getting my dad to put a Silvers pad on the 10 and on the AYA No.3 magnum I recently purchased. He'll be doing something with the stocks and forends (beavertail) too, over the summer. The Midland is the bottom one, halfway through the pad fitting and prior to the oil finish. The top one is a D.H. Wallas.
  13. Side by Side Club

    Lovely wood on the Wild.
  14. Drilling !

    We have 10 fields on our ground alone to be drilled. Peas and beans.
  15. Drilling !

    I won't be able to get to my ground until next weekend but spoke to one of the guns who was out for Mr. Reynard last night and he said nothing had been done, but all the kit was in the yard waiting to go. This weekend the good Lady Penelope has a celebration itinerary lined up as I reach a certain milestone next week. Something to 'Grouse' about!!!