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  1. Penelope


    South West London/Surrey/East Berks is heaving with them. Look like they are on the march Eastwards too.
  2. Penelope


    Local to you? I have heard of one or two seen in the Hockley/Rayleigh area and have seen one flying whilst on the train near Shenfield. Interested in the expansion.
  3. Must be some BBQ.
  4. Penelope

    The "Find Maddy Fund"

    It is that bastion of the even-handed viewpoint.
  5. Penelope

    Passports after Brexit

  6. Penelope

    Jack's game

    On the Angling Times I believe. It's mentioned in the book Big Al refers to, 'A Punt Gun Adventure'.
  7. Penelope

    Utah Elk Hunting

    Great essay and great photos, oh, and an even better bull.
  8. Penelope

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    My apologies, I appear to have misconstrued the context in which you used the word 'bang'. I had a former connection txit Corbyn and Abbott in mind (and boy do I wish I hadn't)
  9. Penelope

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    In that case she should get intouch with Corbyn; appears to be his 'type'!
  10. Penelope

    Wildfowling times.

    It's a long muddy slog out to them islands at Stoke.
  11. Penelope

    Wildfowling times.

  12. Penelope

    Another one crossed off.

    Did you suffer from altitude sickness too? The other half of the Fenland duo did when he came down to Essex, caused him to miss a few. 😁
  13. Penelope

    Badger damage

    LIke everyone else, as soon as I saw the photo I thought pigs.
  14. Penelope

    Rag and Bone Men

    I just about remember this from my very early days in Hackney. We moved out in '75'.