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  1. Get Howdens to do the plan and quote etc Then use the plans to purchase it from DIY Kitchens and save yourself thousands 👍🏻
  2. KurtH


    Thanks mate 🤣
  3. KurtH


    Hi folks, having issues getting any response regarding my GunWatch registration. It states accounts are approved twice daily but that was quite a few days ago that I registered. I’ve also emailed contact@gunwatch.co.UK but I’m yet to receive a response Anyone else had the same issue? Thanks
  4. Hi folks, I'm after an FX Verminator MK2 .22 Silencer if anyone has one. Must be mint condition Cash waiting It's to fit my new FX Bobcat and it needs to be the same as the one on the photo
  5. No ones coming to look at it now, so still available. Comes with receipt. Purchased on 19th January 2013
  6. Someone is coming to look at it on Tuesday morning. Thanks
  7. Someone is coming to look at it on Tuesday morning. Thanks
  8. Price dropped to £700 for this full set up in immaculate condition
  9. Hi mate, I have about 3 people interested in it at full price. I'm also including a Ridgeline Torrent Jacket (Large 42") and Ridgeline Torrent Trousers (Medium 34") in the sale. Worn once. Cost £100 Cheers anyway
  10. For sale NiteSite NS50 - Used once so in immaculate/as new condition Selling due to lack of permissions Asking for £330 shipped via courier or £310 collected from Hull
  11. Hi, just curious, if this is 'brand new', why do you have so many extras for it?
  12. I can't mate. I sold my .22 Air Ranger and bought a Weihrauch HW100 in .177
  13. Can sell these, and post, but pretty sure postage will be costly. Due to weight and high Royal Mail charges
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